06 avril 2023 15:30


Intervenant : Dr. Wojciech Teclaw, Research Scientist

The overall objective of the BIMprove project is to go beyond the static BIM approach and create a digital thread that acts as a dynamic metrical building model, or digital twin. This will promote the easy monitoring of construction site status, effective resource scheduling and improved work planning. The new technology will offer greater levels of flexibility and safety, and enhanced productivity. The BIMprove project focuses on the building process on construction sites, once the erection or installation of a framework has been completed.

The technology is actualised using ground-based robots and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to monitor site status and detect deviations that can be used to update the digital twin and the underlying BIM model. It will facilitate the anonymous tracking of site personnel, thus enabling both the system and personnel supervisors to optimize resource allocation, personnel flow and worker safety. The BIMprove system will be easily accessible to all stakeholders in the form of various user interfaces, including the provision of notifications to site workers via wearable devices, and to supervisors via virtual reality (VR) visualizations. The system will be a cloud-based service with a layered structure, enabling the addition of future extensions, as required.

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