Realworld4D is a GIS / BIM platform for asset and building management. It allows to store, manage, visualize and analyze in a very efficient way 2D and 3D graphic data, as well as all descriptive and documentary data related to assets, from a web browser.

Companies that manage buildings and assets often have asset data stored in a variety of standards and formats and in different systems, such as Excel files, CAD drawings, 2D floor plans, 3D digital models, GIS data, scanned point clouds or triangulations, and high-definition photos.

Realworld4D gathers and structures all these different sources in a single highly optimized database, to manage them in 2D and to quickly visualize and explore them in 3D. The asset can be visualized in its environment, measured, analyzed and its attributes can be updated directly in the web browser, without having to load large data models in an office tool.

Realworld4D offers a collaborative hub that meets several application needs, such as Asset Management, CMMS, BMS, Asset Management as well as Facility Management. The solution allows interfacing with any information system (including CMMS, IoT applications, 3D viewers, etc.), in order to push or receive data from or to these systems.

Realworld4D puts an end to data silos by offering a fast and automatic way to build a unique and shared repository. With business functionalities designed with for managers, the solution improves  technical operations, use performance, occupancy, building operations, including environmental (Asbestos) and energy (ECD) aspects.



2CAO, spécialiste depuis plus de 20 ans dans la créations de données graphiques. Fort de cette expérience, nous intervenons dans les domaines suivants :

-       Relevés de bâtiments par scanners 3D

-       Création de maquette numérique BIM

-       Formation BIM

-       Synthèses BIM, DCE

-       Production graphique : APS, permis de construire jusqu’au dossier pro (3D-2D)

-       Images de synthèses




3c-evolution est éditeur / intégrateur de la solution PIM / DAM NEXTPAGE© à destination des fabricants et distributeurs du secteur du bâtiment et de la construction.

NEXTPAGE© permet la gestion des données produits et médias d'une entreprise et dispose de connecteurs permettant la production de formats et normes métiers : FAB-DIS, ETIM, BMEcat, EDONI, GS1, ...

NEXTPAGE© peut également fournir les informations marketing et techniques nécessaires à vos plateformes BIM.


La maîtrise du relevé 3D par scanner laser depuis 2012

À partir du nuage de points, selon vos projets, nous créons pour vous :  
Modèles BIM, plans vectorisés (type Autocadⓡ), orthophotographies, cartographies, calculs de volumes, calculs de surfaces, visites virtuelles, simulations d'implantations, etc...
Travaillant régulièrement pour de grands comptes, 3DO Reality Capture a  les compétences et le savoir-faire pour numériser et fournir l'ensemble des livrables adaptés auprès d'une clientèle exigeante.

3DO c’est plus de 300 sites et des centaines de milliers de m2 relevés chaque année.
Depuis notre siège Lillois, nous couvrons les interventions sur tout le territoire national et international.

Retrouvez-nous sur reality.3dogroup.com


3D Repo is a multi-award-winning digital platform for BIM data. 3D Repo is transforming how construction projects are designed and delivered by democratising data, mitigating risk, and reducing complexity for everyone involved including architects, engineers, and contractors.


3D Repo is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for Building Information Modelling (BIM) coordination in the cloud. Our platform allows users to manage 3D model revisions and highlight potential issues using live collaboration tools, which enable the whole project team to work from a single source of truth anywhere and at any time.


Instead of architects, engineers, and contractors sharing massive proprietary files in a costly and time-consuming manner, they can simply point their web browser to an encrypted cloud platform in order to examine each project stage virtually.


360SmartConnect is an intelligent traceability of the construction products.

Number 1 of all actors in the world of construction aims to control costs and the duration of the construction, in conditions of safety and ensuring quality and reliability.

Only this goal is complicated by involvement in the project of a great actors who have the greatest wrong to effectively circulate information (plan, instructions...).

To compensate for this, it is important to associate information directly to products, which are the only really common elements among all stakeholders.

It is what makes possible 360SmartConnect thanks to a simple and robust of inviolable markers management solution, integrated products and connectors to information systems.

360SmartConnect is a universal solution that requires no specific reading... except with a simple smartphone device.

Products manufactured, delivered, in stock, implemented, defective, to replace..., follow-up is the site is dynamic and precise.


A-BIME / Ancient Buildings Digitised Modeled Appraised is an engineering office specialised in ancient buildings and historical monuments proposing different kinds of project management assistance specialy fitted to enlighten ownerships about their heritage, and to help the management and the planning of restauration or renovation of it.

Since its creation in 2015, A-BIME has adopted the Digital Transition Plan for Building (PTNB) as a guideline of its development. It is particularly at the forefront in adapting BIM to old buildings a subject for which he is the winner of several calls for projects and labeled innovative start-up (JEI) by the french Research Ministry.

A-BIME develops an innovative methodology that consists in transferring records of a building into usable data and compiling information - regulatory, technical, historical, pathological, economic ... - into a digital model.

Supporting the decision and the diagnostic, this graphical representation of data is intended for project owners for the enhancement of their built heritage. Designed for BIM “non-specialists", it is accessible online via freewares.


ACCA software is a leader in the building software industry and focuses exclusively on this field. Thanks to its sector mission, it succeeds in responding effectively  to the needs of public administrations, technical and design studios, construction companies and professionals.

ACCA develops BIM Authoring and BIM Tools software and platforms for the complete BIM management process  through all the design-build-manage life cycle phases with the largest number  of “open BIM” software IFC certified by buildingSMART®.

Its wide range of software covers the following sectors: architecture, structural calculation, BoQ’s and contract management, renewable energy, energy diagnostics, installations, health & safety and maintenance.

ACCA, founded in 1989, first was appreciated in Italy and then in Europe and on the international market with hundreds of thousands of customers on almost one hundred software programs that stand out for their usability, reliability and ease of use. These strengths encourage distribution among schools, universities, public authorities, and  SMEs. 




Leader in real estate diagnosis and BIM, AC ENVIRONNEMENT is positioned as an expert in the technical, economic and environmental data on existing buildings.

AC ENVIRONNEMENT carries out the mandatory real estate diagnostics in case of rent and sale as well as pre-construction and demolition diagnoses during depollution of a building or an industrial site (asbestos, lead, etc.).

AC Environnement has chosen to dedicate its BIM solution to existing buildings and properties: it realizes cloud points and digital mock-up then it provides its clients an individual and give access to its clients CN BIM, a new digital and open platform, dedicated to data visualization and to routine and preventative maintenance, in complete autonomy and openBIM.

AC Environment, created in 2002 in Roanne (Lyon area) is a 670 people company, with 30 agencies and 3 abestos analysis labs in France.



Méthodologie de déploiement du BIM au service de l’entreprise

Depuis 1990, centre de formation dans le secteur du bâtiment


1/Formation Accompagnement

Conduite du changement

Encadrement des équipes

Ingénierie de formation

Formations thématiques des acteurs

Organisation du travail collaboratif

Animation Club BIM

Gestion du savoir et des ressources


2/ AMO BIM pour l’entreprise

Audit et état des lieux.

Structuration des données

Formalisation des enjeux stratégiques


3/ BIM Management sur les projets

Définition des méthodologies de travail

Initialisation des projets

Accompagnement méthodologique des équipes sur leurs projets de production



Adatt is a BIM Consultant, Quantity Surveyor and Construction Cost Consultant to all types of projects. Adatt has completed more than 200 projects since 2012.

Adatt works for new construction, rehabilitation and also on occupied site in the private and public markets, in France and abroad.

Adatt is the fusion of two professions: BIM and Construction Cost

Services in BIM: BIM manager, Modeling in 3D for all disciplines, BIM Execution Plan, BIM specifications, Employers’ Information Requirement, 3D scan of the existing with point clouds, Tender, Extraction of quantities from 3D, Clashes detection, 4D, 5D, Planning, 3D Report Viewer, Enterprise Resource Planning with BIM

Services in construction cost: Feasibility, Budgets, Financial envelopes, Estimate, Technical specification according to French and European standards, Quantity for tender, Quantity during construction, Analysis of offers, Level of price, Payroll, Project Management, Cash flow, Work Plan, Progress Payment,



ADX Groupe, spécialiste de la recherche de polluants dans le bâti depuis 2012, numérise votre patrimoine existant. Plans de coupe, nuage de points, maquette 3D, nos experts s’adaptent à vos besoins pour vous fournir une représentation dématérialisée exacte de votre bâti.

Gestion de patrimoine

Vous souhaitez aller plus loin et centraliser l’ensemble des informations techniques ou de gestion de votre bâtiment en un seul document consultable depuis n’importe quel périphérique ? ADX Groupe réalise l’acquisition de l’ensemble de ces données pour les intégrer à la maquette 3D.

Quantification des matériaux

ADX vous propose de numériser votre bien dans le cadre du diagnostic déchet avant démolition. Grâce à la maquette 3D, nous réalisons une estimation au plus juste du volume des différents matériaux. De plus cette maquette est multi-usage, vous pouvez l’utiliser pour simuler l’intégration d’engin lourd, gérer les espaces ou encore simuler les risques de collision


AGURRE : Association des Grands Utilisateurs de Réseaux Radio d’Exploitation, créée en 2012, rassemble quatorze membres, tous impactés par l’évolution des usages professionnels vers le haut débit mobile. Douze acteurs économiques majeurs des secteurs du transport et de l’énergie : Groupe ADP, Air France, EDF, la RATP, RTE, le Groupe Sanef, SNCF Mobilités, SNCF Réseau, la Société du Grand Paris, le SYTRAL, Teréga, Trandev ; un leader de l’industrie : Airbus et une fédération de collectivités : la FNCCR, Fédération Nationale des Collectivités Concédantes et Régies.



With its Secure Land Communications (SLC) (www.securelandcommunications.com) business unit, AIRBUS helps its customers in public safety organisations such as police, defence, fire & rescue, healthcare & hospitals, airports, transportation, oil & gas, and utilities, collaborate in a smart and secure manner. While offering hybrid solutions to support our customers on a smooth evolution path, we are playing an active role in shaping future communications and collaborations technology and setting the  ground for new standards. Our portfolio includes voice, message, and multimedia sharing solutions, based on Tetra, Tetrapol, and 4G/5G technologies (either single, hybrid, or multi technology)

 European by birth, we have grown into a global leader in advanced collaboration and communication solutions. Our heritage and worldwide experience enables us to think in different dimensions and expand our knowledge in new and innovative ways. We share our intelligence across continents, and by embracing diversity, we gain new insights and ideas together, that we make available to our customers.  We employ nearly 1,150 employees based in 17 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. Our locations have been chosen in order to be close to our customers, to offer them our expertise, service and all the support they need. We have global experience in serving business critical users including AIRPORTS, TRANSPORTATION, OIL & GAS, UTILITIES for more than 30 years.


Algo’Tech offers software to improve efficiency and productivity in DESIGN and in BUILDING OPERATIONS:

 Design BIM in the electrical sector: Auto’Fil®

 §  Automatic generation of diagrams

§  Bidirectional links with calculation tools and REVIT and Autocad software

BIM Exploitation

§  Vision® - Platform of customizable web and mobile applications for:

§  Support mobile operators

§  Manage security settings (cut-off notices, consignments, etc.)

§  Access documentation, an expert, other applications

§  ..

§  Archidata®

§  Management over time of your data and building plans

§  The dashboard of your buildings

§  Integration of REVIT construction models

§  ....


Allplan France édite et commercialise des solutions logicielles dédiées au monde du Bâtiment dans les domaines de l'Architecture, de la Construction de maisons individuelles, de l'ingénierie et du Génie Civil et de la gestion du patrimoine, en proposant notamment des d'outils de conception, des plateformes collaboratives, des outils de contrôle et de synthèse de maquettes numériques, et des outils de Facility Management.
Fort de plus de 20 d'expérience sur le marché Français, Allplan France accompagne les entreprises dans l'optimisation des flux de travail et des flux de données sur tout le cycle de conception-construction-gestion des bâtiments, avec pour objectif une transition souple et progressive vers le BIM.


Backed by more than 30 years of experience in the development of software dedicated to electrical engineering, ALPI is the European leader in automated calculations software for low voltage installations. Our solutions and services enable to design and operate electrical installations in compliance with current applicable standards. For many years, ALPI has been increasing electrical sector's players awareness on the BIM. At BIM WORLD, ALPI will unveil the new functionalities of the Caneco ONE software suite. Dedicated to all the players’ needs in electrical engineering, Caneco ONE brings together a set of several software which propose the main functions of: modeling, costing, calculation, cabinet layout and schematics to manage and optimize a complete project in a BIM process. For more information, contact us: infos@alpi.fr.


ArchiBat HR,
Link makers for talents in Architecture, Engineering + BIM

- The process for recruiting BIM candidates is long, whereas projects require
- The self-proclamation of "BIMers" complicates the task of HR managers.
- An external provider is not always the right answer.
Recruit with ArchiBat HR, expert in change management since 1985.

Our DNA:
Hyperspecialists ... Our positioning in a specialized market allows us to select the most adapted profiles to your needs in the shortest time.

Networkers ... Because today’s recruitment has become a relational recruitment, we develop a talent and skills community with permanent contacts and personal relationships.

Recruiters 3.0 ... Our added value is not only to find the information but giving it sense because the access to a multiplicity of candidates isn’t enough to guarantee the relevance of recruitment.


Archimatique est une société avec plus de 10 ans d’expérience qui regroupe plusieurs activités de service pour les agences d’architecture et le monde de la construction. Son expertise est multiple : vente de solutions BIM et de logiciels métiers, centre de formation et plateforme de recrutement pour les agences d’architecture.

Bimatique est un bureau d’étude BIM, filiale de la société Archimatique avec comme spécialité : la modélisation BIM.

Depuis plus de 3 ans, Bimatique répond à des missions diversifiées telles que : le BIM Management et la coordination BIM. Cependant, son expertise se situe particulièrement dans la modélisation BIM de patrimoine immobilier, en vue de l’exploitation / maintenance. Notamment avec une expérience significative, menée pour la Fondation Santé des Étudiants de France, sur un patrimoine de + de 100 000 m2.

Loin des solutions génériques et convenues, Bimatique procède à une analyse précise des besoins pour proposer un BIM innovant, à l’aide de solutions simples et éprouvées.


Art Graphique & Patrimoine is a specialist of 3D digitalisation and 2D - 3D rendering of historical monuments. After 25 years’ experience in the sector of cultural heritage restoration and enhancement, the company has been a pioneer of Building Information Modeling applied to the “as built” complex buildings.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary team of engineers, architects and stone cutting and restoration experts, AGP manage today the entire reverse engineering BIM chain: from point clouds to 3D modeling, up to the development of analysis tools (ortho-images and webshare) and 3D apps (augmented reality, VR, immersive devices).

The BIM resulting from our 3D measurement facilitates the management of complex monuments and allows diagnostic and preservation of historical buildings, in the context of restauration project, conservation studies, project management and maintenance.


ATFF is a service provider in the Reality Capture sector.

We bring you our services of fixed or mobile lasergrammetry, photogrammetry and aerial inspection.

We digitize your projects and factories that need digital plans or models for your projects. In addition to points clouds, our teams can also create a BIM 3D model or DWG drawings.

These deliverables will then be usable on any CAD software to analyze and integrate new projects.

With a multitude of successful projects and a high customer satisfaction rate, ATFF is a real reference in the Reality Capture sector in France and Europe.


Atlancad is a services company created in 1997 and based in Nantes, Rennes and Metz. Our team consists of 25 people.

We assist our Construction and Industry customers on their projects with adapted advices thanks to our team expertise.

Atlancad is a BIM Management recognized actor. Our BIM division is lead by Jonathan RENOU and has strong references. Jonathan, Antonio CALABRESE (architect) and Florian GIRAUD (economist) work on: audit, support, integration, training, BIM convention and BIM Management with public and private clients.

As an Autodesk reseller and integrator, Autodesk training center, add-ons editor (such as Revlib), we possess a good knowledge of the market.

All along the year we organize BIM briefings with our customers’ testimonies on BIM. You can also join Jonathan and Antonio on webinars « the BIM Manager’s listening »


Building software editor (since 1983) : quantitative, estimative, descriptive, call of tenders and building site management.

For nearly 20 years : 3D graphics engine allowing management of written documents from a DXF / DWG file (2D) or a simple PDF file.

BIM and Digital model: in 2007 (Gold Medal BATIMAT): import / export of 3D projects in IFC files (CAD software).


Today: two possible scenarios:

Open BIM : IFC interface: Model import into our 3D engine: you have only to inform the walls, columns, rooms, roofs and other objects with the materials composing them.

Automatic quantities calculation and generation of localized CCTPs (french abbreviation for a descriptive document).

Model export into an IFC file

Close BIM : REVIT plug-in: you do the same job without closing REVIT

This plug-in allows to use all the functionalities of our software directly from the REVIT interface.

BIM software: Easy-KUTCH (only metric) or WiNDESC - WinQUANT.



AURBLANC est à son origine une agence de design industriel. Notre expérience transverse et notre savoir technique dans la fabrication, nous ont ouvert les portes de l’architecture et de l’enveloppe de bâtiment à géométrie complexe. Nous pratiquons depuis plusieurs années le BIM management, adapté à la réalisation de maquettes BIM EXE, interopérables, accompagnons la bonne réalisation des chantiers à l’aide d’outils de relevés et d’implantations 3D et le suivi des pièces.

Tous les collaborateurs d’AURBLANC sont experts logiciel, et bénéficient d’une forte expérience dans leur domaine de prédilection : Nous apportons un savoir-faire unique et abordons la meilleure approche pour chaque projet (faisabilité, méthode, développement, optimisation, industrialisation...)

Nous travaillons sur la réalisation d’enveloppes, les rendons cohérentes et optimisées pour une fabrication industrielle, gérons les plans et fichiers numériques de fabrication, dans le total respect de l’intention architecturale.


Autodesk makes software for people who make things. If you’ve ever driven a high-performance car, admired a towering skyscraper, used a smartphone, or watched a great film, chances are you’ve experienced what millions of Autodesk customers are doing with our software. Autodesk gives you the power to make anything. For more information visit autodesk.fr or follow @AutodeskFrance on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


AWO (Architecture Whispers and Oasis) est un studio d’architecture français basé à Reims. Créé en avril 2010, Agathe et Grégoire Génaux travaillent sur des projets commerciaux hors du commun comme ONE NATION, des opérations industrielles plus rationnelles comme Knorr Bremse, des opérations d’urbanisme, de bâtiment public ou encore de logements allant de la conception d’une tour à Abu Dhabi à l’extension d’une maison...

Motivés, jeunes et raisonnés, notre passion de l’architecture nous pousse à étudier formes et détails.


Built with and for BIM professionals, AxeoBIM is developed by Axxone System, French EDM & collaborative platforms publisher since 2005.

Designed to optimize collaboration within BIM projects, the AxeoBIM platform offers a fine management of access rights, an IFC, RVT & NWD model viewer, centralized BCF management and a REVIT® Plug-In.

By its functional richness, AxeoBIM is mainly aimed at BIM Managers, Owner Operators, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors ...

Its intuitive interface brings a real comfort of use. Moreover, its handling and access to BIM are easy thanks to the Cloud Connect, which allows to work directly with the software usually used by project stack holders.

100% compatible OpenBIM and Revit™, AxeoBIM has been used since 2015 in Europe and abroad, on all types of BIM projects.

Let's simply build together !



BatiScript is the only multi-service platform for construction site management and monitoring at every stage of the construction and renovation life cycle.

We are at your side to gain efficiency in the management of your tenders, the follow-up of the work, the acceptance and delivery of the project, as well as the post-delivery guarantees.

Our main services are :

<ol><li>The management of the Business Consultation File to receive and manage numerous bids, the electronic signature of the contracts of an invitation to tender, the statement and the lifting of reserves during the works phase, OPR, acceptance and delivery</li><li>The task progress checklist</li><li>Simplified drafting of worksite reports</li><li>a customer portal to report and track corrections of reservations in warranty phases</li></ol>.

For more information: www.batiscript.com


BBS Slama est connu depuis 1985 comme le spécialiste français du calcul thermique dans le bâtiment. Depuis la création de Building Smart en 1996, Bruno Slama participe à la direction du chapitre français de Building Smart et en a assumé la présidence pendant quinze ans. BBS Slama durant toute cette période est devenue un expert de l’interopérabilité.Notre équipe de recherche a acquis tout son savoir-faire en travaillant sur différents domaines parmi lesquels le calcul règlementaire, le calcul de STD/SED, l’audit énergétique sans oublier le BIM. La qualité de notre service nous a permis d’équiper plus de 1500 sites en France.

 ClimaWin : calculs RT 2012, RT existant, Déperditions, Apports ASHRAE, STD/SED, Analyse du Cycle de Vie du bâtiment

ClimaBIM : ClimaWin entièrement intégré pour le BIM dans Revit® ou Archicad®

ClimAudit : réalisation d’audits énergétiques complets selon les directives de l’ADEME

 Lise BIM : Plugin de calcul électrique NF C15-100, entièrement intégré dans Revit®



Retrouvez @BBSLogiciels sur LinkedInTwitter et YouTube.


BIMcollab is a ground breaking BCF based BIM issue management ecosystem in the cloud. It operates across applications and bridges the communication gap between BIM tools. Today, BIMcollab’s ecosystem improves the collaboration for over 40,000 users worldwide. It includes BIMcollab ZOOM, a free IFC viewer to analyze and validate IFC data, and many plugins called BCF managers for seamless integration with all major BIM tools, allowing to zoom exactly to the right location and highlight the problematic objects. BIMcollab targets the multidisciplinary cooperation between companies to manage issues during design and construction phases.


BIMEO releases OpenBIM

Exchange, Communicate and Design around the digital model on an interactive collaborative platform in OpenBIM mode.

  • Share, view and read BIM models in IFC format

  • Invite your partners on your projects

  • Store and share documentation

  • Manage the indexing of documents

  • Historicalize your project by managing variants

  • Edit post'it in BCF format (Import/export)

  • Enrich the information of the model from the platform (plugin REVIT)

  • Export information in COBIE format

  • Realize augmented reality technical site reviews

  • Design an IFC 3D scan of the existing one and use it on BIMEO

BIMEO meets all the needs of the actors who wish to build competence around the digital model and access all the functionalities of the BIM.

BIMEO is a partner of BIMMyProject and Place des artisans to broaden its service offering towards innovative and useful features for each of the players.


Bimodel is a start-up created in 2017 and located at Station F. Our leitmotiv : efficient BIM. Our modeling approach is oriented to combine use and performance and in order to achieve this, we offer 4 types of services all along the building lifecycle. Come and meet us in our booth to discover our CREM services:

• Configure/design a model according to one or more uses,

• Reach BIM use by accompanying the user,

• Ease BIM use and model design thanks to plugins development,

• Maintain data up-to-date all along the building lifecycle.

We surround ourselves with expert partners on each BIM use in order to achieve a global mission for our customers: lessors, proponents, project owners, construction companies, architects, engineering and building professionals... BIM FOR ALL!


Bionatics is a software editor developping innovative 3D solutions for the smart planning & management of cities. The company is developing a full range of software, called LandSim3D, enabling the development, management and sharing of large 3D city models. Easy to implement, designed for non-3D experts, the 3D solutions developed by Bionatics simplify the modeling and management of 3D cities. They allow the automatic modeling of cities and landscape from conventional geographic data source (GIS). They help city officials, technicians and citizens to make decision and share ideas about the actual and future development of the city in a realistic and precise 3D model. Diagnostics, economical information or urban data can be visualised in the same 3D environement as well as future projects with their phasing and their variants. It facilitates the sharing of ideas between the city actors, enhances the assets of the territory and offers a key solution to drive public policies.


Bouygues Construction is a global player in construction, with operations in more than 60 countries. It designs, builds and operates projects in the sectors of building, infrastructure and industry. As a responsible and committed leader in sustainable construction, Bouygues Construction sees innovation as its primary source of added value: this is “shared innovation” that benefits its customers at the same time as improving its productivity and the working conditions of its 56,980 employees. 


Bouygues Immobilier is a leading private property developer in France and Europe, with 1,879 employees at 31 December 2016 and sales of €2,568 million in 2016. With 33 branches in France and four outside France, the company has nearly 60 years' experience in developing residential, corporate and commercial projects for customers in more than 250 towns and cities. Embracing an active approach to sustainable development and innovation, Bouygues Immobilier is committed to continuously improving both the technical and architectural quality of its buildings and to customer satisfaction. 


Bricsys is a global provider of the BricsCAD® brand of engineering design software. 


Founded in 1996, BTP Consultants is a services company. It operates on new construction projects as much as on renovation through regulatory control and diagnostics missions. Combining both extensive experience and an astounding dynamism as proved by its rapid growth, BTP Consultants is also known as the rising challenger of the market. Three values that set us apart from our competitors : commitment, sharing and openness.

Engaged in a digital innovation approach for years, BTP Consultants is considered a forerunner of BIM in France.

BIM World is an opportunity for BTP Consultants to affirm its position on BIM technology thanks to its BIMscreen’s tool and the presentation of its Innovation Hub : Novalian. At Novalian, employees innovate daily around BIM, immersive new technologies and more generally new uses related to the Smart City.


The CAD.UC - PARA GRAPH Group, facilitator of projects, is one of the main Autodesk partners in France. We support our customers by providing technical expertise and knowledge of CAD in the following areas : software, training, consulting skills, outsourcing, recruitment and services & material IT.

Since the beginning of the BIM, we help our clients switching to the digital model with effective and recognized methods. You have BIM projects ? We support you in all of the integration of BIM, from the definition of the project to its implementation through training with our BIM University®. We are also providing your BIM experts for the execution phases.

Come and meet our BIM consultants on the BIM World Trade fair.


CADENAS helps manufacturers in the construction industry to create their BIM objects library through a scalable solution:

  1. Creation or reuse of existing 3D models, and conversion to multi-BIM format for Revit, ArchiCAD, Allplan, Tekla, 2D DXF etc.
  2. Adding metadata, parameters, and BIM attributes
  3. Adding classifications (IFC, UniClass, OmniClass ..)
  4. Publication of BIM objects on different portals for architects and building professionals.

More information: www.BIMcatalogs.net


cadwork, 3D CAD CAM for all fields of timber construction, framing, and carpentry

The cadwork group is one of the world market leader and provides software solutions in the timber building industry for 30 years, offering a complete and flexible range of design and production modules covering all areas of wood construction applications such as:

- Traditional carpentry, timber frame, stick frame construction, chalets, public buildings, etc ...

- cabinet making& joinery

- Design, site modelling, quotation, site management

- BIM and Data Exchange (IFC)

- Production CNC manufacturing, glulam and joinery machinery

- Laser (Leica) and Pointcloud measurement

- Projects presentation (WebGL, rendering, PDF 3D ...)


Simple and intuitive software

The flexibility, the speed and the quality in the groundwork are today essential to any company willing to keep up with the competition. The countless possibilities of cadwork and its simplicity make it an indispensable tool that allows you to strengthen your position on the market.

With more than 100 employees worldwide, cadwork is already available in more than thirty countries and translated into 10 languages.


A global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation, Capgemini is at the forefront of innovation to address the entire breadth of clients’ opportunities in the evolving world of cloud, digital and platforms. Building on its strong 50-year heritage and deep industry-specific expertise, Capgemini enables organizations to realize their business ambitions through an array of services from strategy to operations. Capgemini is driven by the conviction that the business value of technology comes from and through people. It is a multicultural company of over 200,000 team members in more than 40 countries. The Group reported 2018 global revenues of EUR 13.2 billion.


As an integrator, Capgemini provides end-to-end services to its customers for the implementation and operation of Digital Twins of their assets, buildings and infrastructure throughout the lifecycle, allowing customers to extract better value of their assets, optimize their operations and create new services and business models.

Capgemini's unique value proposition on BIM includes:

1) Consulting: BIM Roadmap, Organization, Business Process Design, Business Cases

2) Engineering: Laser scanning, model enrichment, 3D design, hybrid models.

3) Integration of platforms: selection, implementation of accelerators like Reflect IoD and IT integration


Visit us at www.capgemini.com   People matter, results count.


CARL Berger-Levrault, expert in Maintenance Management (CMMS) and Maintenance Operations Management (GEM) presents its CARL Source software which will ensure the lifecycle management of your assets, infrastructures & equipment.

With CARL Source IFC BIM connector, you iteratively integrate the information from digital 3D models for buildings and infrastructure (facilities, equipment, networks), right from the design phase. This ensures the continuity from BIM building to BIM operation and immediate transition to the maintenance cycle for construction or renovation work.

The CARL Source range is dedicated to 5 major business fields: Factory, Facility, City, Healthcare and Transport.

Finally, 3 mobile solutions complete the offer: CARL Touch for field technicians, CARL Xpress new app for express reports from technicians and service providers and CARL Flash for service requests for the general public.

www.carl-software.com / info.carl@berger-levrault.com


CEBATEC est  un  bureau  d’études BIM d’exécutions fluides indépendant, expert dans la réalisation d’études thermiques, de plans d’exécution 2D et 3D (BIM) et de synthèses techniques 2D et 3D BIM pour la réalisation ou la rénovation de bâtiments.

CEBATEC s’adresse aux Installateurs, Entreprises du BTP, Bureaux d’études, Régies, Architectes, Promoteurs

En savoir plus : www.cebatec.fr


CESI Ecole d’Ingénieurs propose en formation post-master des cursus Mastère Spécialisé (MS), labellisés par la Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE).
CESI Ecole de formation des Managers propose des formations et des certifications BIM aux professionnels du bâtiment, bureaux d’études, cabinets d’architectes.
Tous les cours sont réalisés par des experts de haut niveau, issus du monde de l’entreprise.
Ils sont accessibles à des salariés en poste, des étudiants et des alternants.


CYDIS was born from a simple vision: to improve the daily life of professionals in the AEC market by ensuring the distribution and development of cutting-edge geospatial solutions throughout France and Europe.

From hardware solutions to Cloud solutions such as ATIS.cloud, a collaborative SaaS platform for processing and visualizing point clouds. This intelligent workspace, fully hosted online, transforms the way professionals operate their heavy point clouds by allowing them to easily and quickly share and measure them with their teams without using the performance of a PC and without duplicating data on hard drives.

With our experience in the Reality Capture market, our team will enlighten you on our tools that will accelerate and facilitate your projects of tomorrow.

See you on stand I17!


CYPE is a BIM software publisher for engineering and architecture, specializing in the fields of fluid technical studies, structural calculation and construction economics.

We present you our business softwares but also BIMserver.center.

Through an update service in the cloud, BIMserver.center makes it possible to manage and share all the files of a BIM project, facilitating organization and communication between users


Dalkia, filiale du groupe EDF, accompagne ses clients dans leurs transformations énergétique et numérique grâce à ses deux métiers: la valorisation des

énergies renouvelables locales et les économies d’énergie. Dalkia propose à ses clients des solutions sur-mesure à l’échelle de chaque bâtiment, chaque ville,

chaque collectivité, chaque territoire et de chaque site industriel pour les aider à relever le défi de la transition énergétique et les rendre plus smart.


Dalux is leading in software technology for the construction and real-estate industry with 70.000 users in 90 countries. 

With Dalux’s user-friendly solutions, snagging, checklists, health and safety and document management have become easier. It is simple to find drawings and documents on-site as everything is gathered right on a mobile device. Dalux users can use their devices to provide a good visual overview of their project, as 2D drawings and 3D models are integrated in our software. Also, all tasks can be completed offline and sent directly to the responsible as needed. 

Dalux has become a global front-runner by developing the world’s fastest mobile BIM viewer and BIM-based Augmented Reality for mobile devices. Dalux AR merges BIM models into real-time physical environments, allowing users to visualize and interact with their models straight from their phone or tablet.

Dalux is a Danish owned company with 75 employees. All development is centrally located, and we have no external investors, which allows us to focus completely on our costumers’ wishes and needs.  


datBIM SA is the pioneer of interoperability between content and business software, thanks to the Open dthX open format brought to standardization by the creation of Expert Group 2 at the Afnor PPBIM standardization committee in 2015. Because its work is recognized as a key success factor for deploying BIM, they are now being rolled out internationally with the creation of an IFC model view definition dedicated to these use cases.

datBIM SA facilitates collaboration and exchange between all actors thanks to its SaaS software suite:

• the prime contractor and the construction companies, with its Open-datBIM collaborative platform for managing objects and products data,

• Manufacturers with datBIM Diffusion offer,

• The major users of data: project owners and operators, with the collaborative BIM repository MydatBIM.

datBIM SA facilitates the deployment of BIM for all in the service of the digital transition of the construction which conditions its ecological transition.

In 2008, we created Decod based on a conviction: photo-realistic 3D will revolutionise content strategies and customer experience.
Leader in Europe in the 3D modelisation market and the CGI for e-commerce, Decod develops B2B and B2B2C solutions for Real Estate, Home Furnishing, Decoration, Luxury and Fashion sectors.
Our strength is our unique capacity in Europe to produce very large volume of 3D content, as well as all a full range of services and solutions as lifestyle scene, animation, 360° visit, WebGL, virtual reality or augmented reality.
Our 3D designers, our artistic direction, our logistics department and our project managers work with agile methods and tools across the entire "visual content"​ value chain production for our clients and partners, around the world.
Based in France in Paris, our business is 2/3 international, in the United Kingdom, France, Benelux, Germany, the US and Russia.
Want to know more? Come and visit us www.decod.fr or contact@decod.fr 

Digital 113 is a business development cluster comprising of 400+ digital companies based in the South of France.

Digital 113 brings together companies of all size from the digital economy and accelerate their business development in France and across the world.

With support activities focusing on startup financing, innovation management, talent recruitment and business development, Digital 113 helps to drive forward the digital ecosystem whose companies are innovative players of the digital space.


As an independent publisher and market leader of structural analysis software solutions with more than 30 years of experience, Dlubal Software has more than 25 000 satisfied users in 71 countries across the world. Dlubal offers the most advanced solutions for structural analysis in the civil, mechanical and industrial engineering fields.

Dlubal Software develops two software solutions for structural analysis:

  • RFEM for FEM calculation of members, surfaces and solids

  • RSTAB for calculation of frame structures

Both software allow for calculation of load effects on structures of every shape and complexity. In order to exploit results and fulfil the structural analysis and designs, specialised add-ons modules (for timber, steel, concrete, glass, joints, dynamic analysis, etc.) supplement RFEM/RSTAB according to your needs.

Model your structures directly in RFEM/RSTAB or import them from a CAD program in case you’d like to work with BIM method.

For further information and for contact: www.dlubal.fr / info@dlubal.fr


The leading planning and data management solution for the global building industry. dRofus is a unique planning, data management and BIM collaboration tool that provides all stakeholders with comprehensive workflow support and access to building information throughout the building lifecycle. We are committed to Open BIM and as part of the Nemetschek Group, our aim is to deliver the best possible, most innovative and most successful AECO software solutions.


e-Cassini is a web solution to exploited the geographic data.
This application is created for :
Public services / Network admin / Industrialists / Surveyors / Architects ...
It allows you to collaborate on 3d projects with your colleagues, providers or customers.

 Virtual visit, Measurements, Attachments, Metadata, Draw, Update the data ...
Tools that will allow you to make the most of your data.


#Topography #3D #MMS #Engineering #BIM #GIS #Networks #MassData #LiDAR

ECARTIP GROUPE FONDASOL, your privileged partner for infrastructure and land development projects for over 20 years.

We offer our BIM services throughout all the stages of your projects to reinforce the synergies between our traditional specialist areas: our expertise in BIM thus completes our skills in lasergrammetry, topography, buried utility location, engineering, work monitoring…

Our digital mock-ups carry and enhance the reliability of the data provided by each of the participants in the project, and can also be used to enrich your GISs and your asset management tools.

With its resolute focus on innovation, Ecartip Groupe Fondasol naturally favours the production of deliverables in interoperable formats.



Acteur majeur de la transition énergétique, le groupe EDF est un énergéticien intégré, présent sur l’ensemble des métiers : la production, le transport, la distribution, le négoce, la vente d’énergies et les services énergétiques. Leader des énergies bas carbone dans le monde, le Groupe a développé un mix de production diversifié et participe à la fourniture d’énergies et de services pour près de 39,8 millions de clients.

EDF et ses filiales de spécialité mettent leurs expertises au service des acteurs du territoire en général, pour les accompagner dans leurs projets de transition énergétique grâce à des solutions d’efficacité énergétique sur-mesure, innovantes, fiables et durables.

Venez sur le stand faire le bilan énergétique de votre territoire pour identifier ses leviers bas carbone & découvrir les innovations du Groupe EDF


Acteur de référence dans le domaine des bases de données techniques depuis plus de 20 ans, EDIBATEC diffuse une base de données techniques regroupant plus de 180 marques et 110000 références produits.

Diffusée par l'ensemble des éditeurs de logiciels de calcul thermique, la base de données favorise les échanges entre les industriels et la prescription.

EDIBATEC propose également désormais des nouvelles solutions pour intégrer les données produits au cœur du BIM.  


Egis is a major international group in the construction engineering and mobility services sectors whose unique global service range encompasses infrastructure consulting, engineering and operation. Through our capacity for innovation, we respond to the climate emergency and to the greatest challenges of our time by offering solutions and acknowledged know-how in the areas of transportation and mobility, sustainable city construction, buildings, water, the environment and energy.

A 75%-owned subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts, with the remaining 25% held by partner executives and employees, Egis Imagine a sustainable future, working for populations and social progress.

€1.13 bn managed turnover in 2018

15,000 employees


Mastère Spécialisé BIM Manager

Pour répondre à l’évolution du monde de l’architecture et anticiper les besoins des constructeurs de demain, l’École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Saint-Étienne et l’École nationale d’ingénieurs de Saint-Étienne associent leurs compétences pour créer une formation d’excellence accréditée par la Conférence des Grandes Écoles, dédiée au métier de BIM manager.

> Les spécificités de la formation

• Des enseignants du monde académique et du monde professionnel

• Une formation professionnalisante permettant l’acquisition et la validation de compétences en entreprise : une expérience BIM menée dans l’entreprise à partir d’un projet défini par l’entreprise

• Une formation académique basée sur la pédagogie par le projet : des modalités d’apprentissage adaptées à un profil d’apprenant salarié : pédagogie par le projet, travaux dirigées en alternance avec des cours magistraux programmés les vendredis et samedis

Pour plus d'informations :




The Advanced Master in BIM, Integrated Design and Building and Infrastructure Life Cycle, co-accredited by École des Ponts ParisTech and ESTP Paris aims at:

  • Offering to professionals a training to manage projects in relations to digital models and to use BIM to design in an integrated way construction and exploitation projects for new, existing or renovated buildings.

  • Helping the different stakeholders and professionals to work together thanks to an interoperable information system which allows to answer to the complete list of technical, legal and environmental requirements in a cost-effectively way.


Further information available online: http://mastere-bim.enpc.fr

The École des Ponts ParisTech will also introduce during the event its "Design by Data, Computational Design, Digital Manufacturing and Building Technologies Advanced Master " in Digital Construction and Robotics (http://designbydata.enpc.fr)

And the ESTP its Executive Education new programmes about BIM and his training programme “Le Projet en BIM” (https://www.estp.fr/le-projet-en-bim)


Habilitée par la Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs à délivrer ses deux diplômes d’ingénieurs pour la période 2017-2022, l‘ENSI Poitiers a pour vocation de former des cadres de haut niveau capables de s’adapter aux mutations technologiques et de s’intégrer dans le tissu économique européen et international.

S’appuyant sur de nombreuses collaborations avec le secteur professionnel, l’école forme en 3 ans des ingénieurs spécialisés dans des domaines en plein essor, notamment en ingénierie pour la protection de l’environnement dans le sens utilisation raisonnée des ressources et de la mise en adéquation avec les activités humaines pour la production, le transport et la gestion des énergies, la gestion de l’eau, la construction et les infrastructures.


Le BIM, Building Information Modeling, révolutionne le secteur de la construction. L’ESITC Caen, depuis plusieurs années déjà, a adapté les contenus des enseignements et les méthodes pédagogiques, pour former, en formation initiale comme en formation continue, les profils dont la profession du BTP a besoin pour faire face à cette rupture technologique.

La formation au BIM pour les ingénieurs est progressive : de la maitrise des outils 3D, en passant par l’approche projet collaboratif, jusqu’à la mise en situation réelle en mode projet, avec réponse à appel d’offre BIM.

Le mastère spécialisé « Eco Matériaux et Conception BIM » allie formation à la conduite de projets d’ouvrages traités en BIM, LEAN management et utilisation de matériaux biosourcés. Il a la particularité d’être tourné vers l’international avec 50% de ses enseignements en anglais et des projets de montage d’opérations BIM en contexte international. 

L'ESITC Caen propose également un Bachelor Professionnel: "Projeteur Bim" pour apprendre à modéliser le monde de demain.

Plus d’informations sur : www.esitc-caen.fr


"Le contenu est essentiel mais le contexte est primordial". Esri France présente les avantages de la continuité digitale entre le contenu issu d'un processus BIM et le contexte provenant d'un système d'information géographique (SIG). A travers des exemples concrets d'architecture, d'urbanisme, d'infrastructure, nous démontrerons la convergence entre le BIM et SIG.Les jumeaux numériques sont désormais géographiques !


The Advanced Master in BIM, Integrated Design and Building and Infrastructure Life Cycle, co-accredited by École des Ponts ParisTech and ESTP Paris aims at:

  • Offering to professionals a training to manage projects in relations to digital models and to use BIM to design in an integrated way construction and exploitation projects for new, existing or renovated buildings.

  • Helping the different stakeholders and professionals to work together thanks to an interoperable information system which allows to answer to the complete list of technical, legal and environmental requirements in a cost-effectively way.


Further information available online: http://mastere-bim.enpc.fr


The École des Ponts ParisTech will also introduce during the event its "Design by Data, Computational Design, Digital Manufacturing and Building Technologies Advanced Master " (http://designbydata.enpc.fr)


And the ESTP its Executive Education new programmes about BIM whose course certifying « Le projet en BIM »



études & automates est un jeune éditeur de plug-in pour REVIT®.

Notre premier plug-in permet d’automatiser la production des plans de vente de logements collectifs. Notre solution est la plus aboutie du marché tant en terme de simplicité d’utilisation que de robustesse. Le plug-in comprend aussi de nombreuses fonctions exclusives : positionnement automatique des étiquettes de pièce, gestion automatique du Nord, cotation automatique des pièces.

Créées par deux passionnés et spécialistes du secteur (un ingénieur et un architecte), nos solutions sont systématiquement pensées pour faciliter au maximum l’utilisation de nos outils par un soin particulier porté à l’interface d’une part, à la fonctionnalité réelle de l’autre. C’est ce soin du détail qui nous a permis de créer un outil aujourd’hui plébiscité par tous les architectes auxquels nous l’avons présenté.


EUROSIA is specialised in BIM modelling services in structure, architecture and MEP. Our mission is to bring competitiveness and innovation to surveyors, construction companies, BETs, MEP installers and operators by providing quality BIM services at a competitive price and on time. Our project managers are experienced engineers and architects with solid experience in BIM modelling. They are responsible for customer relations, project coordination and project management.


Our services include :


Digital mock-up from 2D plans

Digital mock-up from point clouds

Detection of conflicts, coordination between different lots

Updating of models in the Synthesis phase

EXE model

Digital DOE

BIM-Exploitation model

Creation of BIM objects

Realistic rendering and 3D animation

Our clients are : Bouygues, Eiffage, Vinci, Engie, SPIE, Géomètres-Experts, SNCF, Le Fonds Belval, CFE, Département des Hauts-de-Seine...


Meet us at BIM WORLD on stand B32 and on 


www.maquettenumerique.co or https://www.bimprice.com/



Created in the 1990s by Architects, themselves "pioneer" users of C.A.D.,

EUROSTUDIO INFOGRAPHIE is a company specializing in IT applied to the Architecture and Engineering trades. 

Since 30 years, the company has given itself as priorities: ADVICE, SERVICES, QUALITY and PRICE.

Our Mission: to support you

Our business: to offer you the software and hardware adapted to your needs.

Our Vision: ensure your digital transition. Training, Expertise and Assistance.

Our Passion: unleash your creativity

Our team is committed to taking into account all of your needs and to support you in the realization of your projects! 


FARO développe et fabrique des solutions de mesure 3D permettant aux architectes, aux ingénieurs de la construction et autres professionnels du bâtiments d'extraire rapidement et précisément les livrables de leurs projets BIM.

Les scanners laser Focus S, combinés au logiciel de traitement des données SCENE permettent des relevés avec une précision millimétrique, le recalage des scans sur site en temps réel pour une productivité accrue, une compensation sur site du scanner pour une qualité supérieure des données et une vue immersive du projet avec la nouvelle fonction réalité virtuelle. La plateforme FARO As-Built dispose de puissantes fonctionnalités pour une exploitation facile et efficace des données du tel que construit dans les logiciels AutoCAD® et Revit® et le logiciel BuildIT Construction permet de suivre les projets en comparant en temps réel les modèles de conception CAO aux données 3D numérisées.Découvrez également le scanner à main ScanPlan pour une cartographie 2D rapide de plans d´étages.

Consultez notre site Internet : www.faro.com



Finalcad is the collaboration platform that helps you build your best on any construction project, no matter the type, size or location. Your best in teamwork, because everyone can use the solutions on site, at the head office and with clients. Your best in project management, helping you hit deadlines and quality standards supported by real-time information. The more the app is used, the faster you make decisions. And the greater the data it analyses, the more you improve – continuously. 

Since 2011, and boosted by $63M of funds raised, Finalcad has helped more than 24,000 projects transform the field experience by bringing everyone and everything together. In 2019, Finalcad was named a Next40 company by the French government. The Next40 is a list of the 40 most promising French startups that have high prospects of becoming global tech leaders.

For more information about Finalcad please go to:www.finalcad.com


Fauconnet Ingénierie SAS (FISA) has been developing IT solutions dedicated to HVAC engineering since 1985 and henceforth to all users of BIM processes. Fisa offers a range of essential additions to Revit for architects, design offices and construction companies that position themselves on the markets implementing BIM. These additions multiply Revit's capabilities, whether for model management, modeling or simulation.
Find out more: www.fisa.fr, https://www.linkedin.com/company/1902196


Since more than 15 years, our expertise allows us to be one of the leaders in the financial and technical software systems publishing accessible on the Internet in the construction sector. We make, publish and share the E-Project platform for all sizes and types of projects.

Among our expertises :

With our partners we have a sharp expertise thanks to our team with computing experts and construction specialists. They provide training for the teams, support and users hotline in order to ensure optimal return on investment.

- Support with contracting and project management, mobilisation and training of the actors

- Needs analysis, documentary analysis, integration of solutions

- Installation, deployment, maintenance and administration of the E-Project platform

- Integration of E-Project modules : financial management, PRO management, equipments management

- Data bases development of works for exploitation and maintenance


FunBIM, is a Cloud based mobile construction software, built by construction experts.

Cross-platform solution (Smartphone, Tablet, mixed-reality Hololens glasses) that helps you capture and track data on-site (issues, work progress, forms, …) in 2D and in 3D and send reports to all stakeholders to keep them posted on the latest developments.

Write less, print less and keep your clients in the loop!

Get work done more efficiently on the job site.

Stay connected with all stakeholders, kill rework, and nip costly delays in the bud


Recently founded on the initiative of Guerlain Chicherit (GCKorp founder), Eric Boudot (CEO of IBS) and Ivan Steyert (Chairman and CEO of SOCOMEC), GCK Energy provides green power solutions, tailored to your needs, on and off grid. Our non-sedentary electric storage systems are designed to meet global growing needs of sustainable energy for remote events and environmentally friendly building projects.

GCK Energy products are manufactured in France by SOCOMEC and IBS. This ensures a strong and direct operational support and the use of the most recent and high quality technologies.


GenieVision is a Corporate Startup initiated by the large world glass producer AGC.

GenieVision brings the BIM model to the work site and guarantees a high-quality level of control. Via a mobile device, it is now possible to display in a simple and efficient way, in real time, at the precise place where the operator is located, the 3D model superimposed on its environment. The performance in terms of reliability and quality of control is unequaled on the market. The solution comes with a service ensuring integration with the client's BIM ecosystem, for fast and reliable use throughout a project. Increase your control performance while ensuring cost, quality and time savings!

If you wish more info, visit our website www.genievision.com or contact us to info@genievision.com

GenieVision, Look beyond Reality! Check sooner, faster & more!


GEOFIT GROUP provide a wide range of geomatics, surveying, mapping, geodesy, dimensional metrology, CAD, BIM, and GIS solutions to land developers, land administrators, spatial planners, architects, engineers, contractors, facility managers and industrialists.

GEOFIT GROUP expertise builds upon, and brings together, the multi-disciplinary experience and know-how of affiliated subsidiaries, which employ over 650 project managers, engineers, technicians, draftsmen, and data entry operators that have been deployed in more than 40 countries over the past 15 years. GEOFIT GROUP has its headquarters in Nantes (France) and several branches in France, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Panama, Ecuador and North America (Canada). 

In 2015, GEOFIT GROUP entered into an unprecedented public-private partnership (PPP) with the French National Survey (IGN) to jointly develop and promote cutting-edge geomatics solutions worldwide.  


GEOMAT (Géomètres-Experts Associés) est structurée autour de trois pôles d'activités :

- Topographie et travaux d'auscultations : mise en oruvre des technologies par lasergrammétries statiques ou mobiles, photogrammétries terrestres ou aériennes, stations totales et GNNS.

- Foncier : bornages, divisions de propriétés, copropriétés, divisions en volume...

- Aménagements : fonciers agricoles et forestiers, échanges amiables - Au travers de sa filiale TECAM, la maîtrise d'oeuvre, les études et aménagements urbains...

La 3D est devenue incontournable dans chacun des secteurs précités pour la compréhension, la lisibilité de l'information jusqu'au partage de celle-ci.

Nous vous invitons à nous rencontrer sur le stand des partenaires e-cassini (n° E19/D18) où nous vous réserverons le meilleur accueil pour vous présenter des exemples en 3 dimensions de nos réalisations.

Sur notre plateforme collaborative e-cassini, retrouvez la synthèse des données carthographiques (SIG, images, GED, annotations...) pour l'élaboration de vos projets,

du suivi des travaux jusqu'au récolement vidéo avec smartphone. Une application dite "AGILE" orientée BIM.

GEOMAT dans toutes ses dimensions....et plus encore...


GEOSAT is a company specialized in all areas related to 3D and 4D measurement. Since its creation in 2000, GEOSAT has been a company driven by innovation. It was the first french company which used GPS receivers for its ground surveys. GEOSAT has been mastering the laser scanner technology (LiDAR) for more than 15 years. The LiDAR reproduces with very high precision the geometrical data of a given environment.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary team made up of surveyors, architects and engineers, GEOSAT works for many key players of the real-estate industry. From point clouds collected in the field, we are able to process and evaluate 3D digital data in order to respond to the demands of our customers. 


Gexpertise, a genuine surveying hub, combining focused expertise dedicated to topography, planning, construction and real estate, providing its clients with guidance over the whole lifecycle of buildings. Bespoke solutions supporting the notion of evolving needs and flexibility of buildings can be implemented thanks to the 7 pillars of expertise of Gexpertise. Generating creative synergies, these centres of professional, technical and legal excellence rise even to the most complex of financial challenges. The historical knowhow of the Property-Surveyor, the power of technological innovation and proven track record, underpin the values of Gexpertise: Measurement, Analysis and Guarantee.


HALBOUT Consultants is a company specializing in project management assistance, to support the clients (public bodies, companies, ...) who wish to implement a GIS (organization of geographical data, help to choose software, information / training, etc.), a 3D modeling of their territory or a BIM / Digital Modeling process. Our strong point, beyond the audit capabilities of the existing situation, the prospective and organizational vision, lies in supporting change, to enable the professionals involved to take ownership of new methodologies related to digital developments.



L3Harris Geospatial is at the heart of the digital transformation for infrastructure management, for rail, electricity …

The L3Harris Geospatial suite of products and services makes it easier and more cost effective to analyze the physical environment and obtain actionable information for better decision-making.

A city, a department, a region or even a country in 3D is now possible with our unique Geiger Mode LiDAR technology. The sensor allows for collections on a larger scale than has been possible up until now, while also collecting data up to 10 times faster and at 10 times the resolution as top-of-the-line, existing linear LiDAR sensors

L3Harris Geospatial also provides a collection of proven software designed to extract the information you need from various 2D / 3D / 4D sensors (satellite, aerial, drone, mobile, ...), whether to follow the evolution of your environment or to help to maintain your infrastructure (railway, electric, ...).



Hexagon is a global leader in sensor, software and autonomous solutions. Hexagon is providing to the building Industry innovative solutions, putting data to work and supporting BIM transition with new methodologies to boost efficiency, productivity and quality results across buidling projects.



Hexagon is a global leader in sensor, software and autonomous solutions. We are putting data to work to boost efficiency, productivity, and quality across industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, safety, and mobility applications. Our technologies are shaping urban and production ecosystems to become increasingly connected and autonomous — ensuring a scalable, sustainable future. Hexagon’s Geospatial division creates leading platforms, applications and solutions for visualizing, analyzing, and deriving insight from location data. By interconnecting the geospatial and operational worlds, we help customers of all sizes – from sites to cities to nations – use 5D location intelligence to solve real-world, mission-critical challenges.


Hexagon PPM is part of the Hexagon Group, a global provider of information technology solutions that improve the productivity and quality of geospatial and industrial projects.

Hexagon PPM solutions transform data into actionable information that enables smarter design, construction, and operation of industrial projects.


Highline Paris established itself in France in 2017 and has proven its recruitment expertise in the construction field. Our team, made up of architects and human resources professionals, advise companies in their search for new talent that meet their development needs. This industry know-how has made it possible to forge links with key clients within the market and to help jobseekers secure positions that suits them and their career objectives.



Hilti conçoit,  fabrique et distribue de l’outillage électroportatif, des consommables, des systèmes de fixations,  des logiciels et des services de pointe destinés aux professionnels de la construction, de l’énergie et l’industrie.

Hilti compte 26 000 salariés répartis dans plus de 120 pays. Deux piliers d’Hilti sont l’innovation et la relation directe au client.

Les bureaux d’études et entreprises de construction s’appuient sur Hilti pour accélérer l’exécution des projets, pour accroitre la sécurité des utilisateurs, pour dimensionner sûrement les bâtiments, et pour réduire le coût total.

Hilti soutient la planification et la bonne exécution des solutions grâce à plusieurs services BIM, à une bibliothèque d’objets et différents plug-in.

En savoir plus : www.hilti.fr


Holusion is a French based company designing and manufacturing interactive holographic display. Our products range from low tech goodies to very high-end life-size holographic solution. We are at the crossroad of AR/VR industries with a technology for displaying 3D images without needing any wearable.

We provide comprehensive solution with hardware and holographic software. This can be used to display a full 3D model of a building using BIM data about it. It can be used to show the architecture in a meaningful way, but also to show everything the project have under the skin: technical networks, building know-how or hidden environmental qualities. Holograms are a perfect solution for interactive model-presentations for real-estate.

Our other main contribution is for the museum with holographic showcase for the hidden collections. Thanks to databases of digitized artworks, we can display in holograms any piece in any museum with this solution.


HP Inc. develops technologies to improve people's lives, everyday, everywhere in the world. Through our printing solutions, personal systems and related services, we create exceptional experiences.

HP invites you on  booth E20 at BIM World from March 31 to April 1, Paris Expo - Porte de Versailles, to learn more about our latest workstations and VR solutions for architecture, engineering and construction:


IBAT helps building companies to enhance their digital efficiency and pass digital transition. IBAT provides them digital solutions specially design for everyday challenges for purchase, teams and materials.

IBAT’s solutions are user-friendly and first of all, have been tested and validated by building site managers.

IBAT ACHAT is an e-procurement Saas application that facilitates everyday life of construction teams by bringing time and money savings

IBAT TEMPS is the app for building teams planning, checking and management process.

IBAT CONSULT helps constructions managers to their suppliers choices for call for tender and frameworks contracts.



ImmoSign est la 1ère solution de signature électronique dédiée aux professionnels de l’immobilier : constructeurs, promoteurs et agents immobiliers.

Elle intègre :

  • Une application de signature électronique et d’envoi de recommandé électronique
  • Le matériel pour aménager votre salle de signature à votre image
  • L’accompagnement d’une équipe d’experts
  • La sauvegarde et le stockage des documents signés dans vos locaux


Véritable révolution sur le marché une nouveauté exclusive vous sera présentée lors du salon ! Elle permet d’aller plus loin dans l’écriture numérique et de dépasser la simple signature électronique.


INCITIUS  Software is a software company specialised in the PDF format, the CAD formats and the electronic document management.
Our solutions integrate upstream and downstream of the document management systems (DMS) and enterprise content management (ECM) solutions.

Based on our 15 years experience and our expertise (industry, organisation and computer skills), we have created a worldwide unique solution, the iPDF© solution.
We adapted the PDF format to the industry and created iPDF to respond to needs of major industrial groups such as Total, Sanofi, Kem One.

iPDF© is a structured and controlled publication of CAD/Office/image files, preserving their pre-existing intelligence (document indexation, metadata, drawing cross-references, tags).
This format enables intuitive inter-document navigation via automatically created hypertext links.

Our iPDF software suite also covers enhanced document annotation, compiling of a dossier based on numerous heterogeneous documents, production of summary data (dashboard) in relation to this dossier, management of PDF electronic forms and all this in context of mobility with tablets.


Infrakit – cloud platform for construction. With Infrakit, construction companies and infra-owners are able to digitalize infrastructure construction projects. Designs and work progress is available online, in real time. Infrakit integrates all CAD systems, surveying equipment and 3D machine control under one cloud platform. Complete projects faster with fewer errors and save 20% of project total costs. 



Intent Technologies est une start-up française, créée en 2011, acteur du numérique et des services connectés dans le secteur de l’habitat et de la ville.

Nous opérons une plateforme logicielle de services qui permet aux acteurs de l’immobilier d’accéder aux données de leur écosystème, d’optimiser l’exploitation d’un patrimoine et de distribuer leurs services.

Fiabilisez les données échangées, historisez les contrats, suivez en temps réel les interventions des prestataires, leurs résolutions de pannes, les objets connectés, pilotez vos actifs immobiliers, votre patrimoine, etc…

Et les chiffres, qu’en disent-ils ?
+ 120 prestataires
+ 100 000 objets connectés
+ 32 millions de m2 supervisés
+ 1 million d’interventions suivies par an

Retrouvez-nous sur le salon et, en attendant, sur notre site : 



ITGA is a professional technical solution’s provider helping companies to resolve issues concerning building’s pathology, security.

ITGA is a French national company covering the whole country: 19 sales offices/10 laboratories/1000 employees.

ITGA answers to customer’s needs, thanks to interconnected skills as analysing, sampling, training, consulting & 3D modelling of built structures.

ITGA’s commitment is to be a trustful support for the actors of building and civil engineering work “from the site to the numerical model”. ITGA’s mission is to scan and digitize 3d models in order to permit professionals to manage buildings and infrastructures datas in an optimum & performing way.

Those models facilitate access to:

2D & 3D models: documentation’s generation & visualisation

Model building components: information on materials, systems & structures in place. These datas can come from different types of professions

Interconnected data: multiple actors can access & work to centrally shared models


IZUBA Energies is a cooperative company dedicated to the energy transition in the building sector, through three fields of activity: engineering, software and training.

IZUBA Energies develops and distributes Pleiades, a building eco-design software combining dynamic energy simulation, indoor air quality simulation, building regulation calculation (RT2012 and RT existant), HVAC design and life cycle analysis, particularly for the upcoming RE2020.

With Pleiades, energy and environmental optimization of the building is part of an openBIM process.

  • Import geometry and thermal characteristics from the building model in IFC4 or gbXML format
  • New ! Use our modeling tool to correct the energetical model
  • Launch the calculations
  • The energetical model stays synchronized with the physical model


Contact : Eduardo Serodio
+33 (0)4 67 18 62 21

Première solution digitale collaborative de gestion intelligente de vos DOE

Keepéo prend en charge les documents et données techniques de vos bâtiments pour les maintenir à jour depuis la construction du bâtiment et pendant son exploitation.

Notre solution

La plateforme digitale Keepéo est de loin l’outil le plus abouti pour dématérialiser votre DOE et faire bénéficier vos projets de la puissance du numérique. Avec des fonctions 100% paramétrables, selon les caractéristiques de votre chantier, une interface simple, sécurisée et collaborative, avec une base de données industrielle intégrée, c’est l’outil rapide, économique et éco-responsable, prêt à satisfaire les besoins des professionnels les plus exigeants. Keepéo permet d'optimiser son exploitation et de retracer tout le process de construction pendant plus de 10 ans, en le faisant évoluer en maitrisant toutes ses données. Avec Keepéo, le DOE entre dans une nouvelle ère.

Plus d'informations sur : keepeo.fr


Kel Foncier helps Real Estate developers find land with great potential. Kel Foncier is the number 1 Real Estate development application in France.

Kel Foncier is used to identify parcels with the best potential for residential and commercial projects, contact the land owner and set Real Estate development projects.

Kel Foncier is a French Tech company which has been rewarded for best innovation (“Label d’Excellence”) in the Real Estate category by the international cluster Finance & Innovation founded by the French Public Authorities.


Kontron Transportation is one of the world's leading providers of end-to-end communication solutions for transportation and mission-critical networks. Its portfolio includes GSM-Railways, FRMCS (Future Rail Mobile Communication System), TETRA, DMR, LTE solutions for mission-critical networks as well as fixed and mobility solutions for the telecommunications industry. It is compatible with the entire service value chain, from planning, development and production to deployment, integration, maintenance and operation.

Kontron Transportation is part of the S&T Group.

We will participate in a round table discussion on 8 October at 14:00 on the topic "Equipment suppliers, network and/or service operators, integrators, ... : new offers to meet the specific needs of vertical players".

Also join us on our stand D50 to see us demonstrate an end-to-end broadband private network solution based on PS-LTE infrastructure and state-of-the-art industrial IT devices. In addition, Kontron offers dedicated cyber security products that provide full IT/OT isolation for these critical networks.


From the acquisition of environments using a wide range of laser scanners to the management of 3D data (point clouds) in dedicated software such as Revit, Leica Geosystems offers complete solutions to support you in the management of your projects, while integrating into your BIM processes.

With the new Leica Pegasus:Backpack, Leica Geosystems innovates by offering a mobile backpack BIM solution that allows you to scan and take images in order to obtain a colorized 3D representation.

Leica Geosystems can help you through the different stages of BIM. First in the presentation of the existing first, then in the validation and control. Finally, these solutions help you in the enrichment of your plans as well as in the implementation.

On the other hand, our technologies also allow you to transfer information from the digital model to transfer it to the field.

To support companies in the development of their 3D projects, Leica Geosystems offers new rental services for its solutions. Meet us on our booth to discuss your upcoming projects.


LevelS3D is a software editor specializing in 3D, founded in 2012 by Yannick Folliard. Our flagship products include web applications for point cloud processing and 3D modelling, and mobile applications for 3D scanning and augmented reality. We mainly focus on building stakeholders, especially design offices, architects, BIM managers, general contractors and planners. Our mission is to support the digital transition of the building sector by providing construction and maintenance professionals with affordable and easy-to-use tools, regardless of their level of expertise in the field of 3D.
#BIM #3Dmodel #3Dmapping #AugmentedReality #Construction #DigitalTwin


LG Electronics est un acteur mondial de premier plan sur le marché du chauffage, de la climatisation, de la ventilation et de la gestion de bâtiments pour tout type d’application (résidentiel, hôtels, EHPAD, enseignes, centres commerciaux...). La gamme étendue de ses produits permet de répondre au mieux aux besoins des particuliers comme des professionnels. L'innovation étant dans l'ADN de l'entreprise, LG s'évertue à développer et améliorer ses technologies qui garantissent fiabilité, performance et économie d’énergie. Comme son slogan "Innovation for a better life" l'indique, LG crée des solutions pour mieux vivre au quotidien : pour notre confort et pour la planète.


Née en 2000, Logik développe ses missions et métiers depuis maintenant 20 ans dans le Sud-Est de la France. Toujours à l’écoute des innovations, c’est tout naturellement que nous nous sommes dirigés vers le BIM en 2015. En 2020, nous devenons le Groupe Logik, une société scindée en 3 entités qui se répartissent nos 6 pôles d’expertise :

-          Logik, spécialisée dans les Méthodes et l’AMO Organisation de chantier

-          Detik, spécialisée dans l’OPC, la MOEX et l’économie de la construction

-          Bimik, spécialisée dans le BIM et la Synthèse

Nos 18 collaborateurs, passionnés et spécialistes dans leur domaine, accompagnent les entreprises sur toutes les étapes du cycle de vie de leurs ouvrages (de la conception à la construction, en passant par la réhabilitation/restructuration). Une équipe opérationnelle et polyvalente, à même de proposer des solutions rentables, esthétiques et durables pour donner vie à vos projets.


LUMEN, membre de JEMS Group, est une ingénierie pluridisciplinaire rayonnant sur des projets d’envergure à forte technicité. Du Gratte-ciel au cœur de la Défense à la dernière Centrale Nucléaire en passant par le Grand Paris ou une plateforme gazière en Sibérie nos domaines d’application sont aussi variés que l’inventivité de nos partenaires.

Depuis plus de 10 ans, notre développement mise sur notre savoir-faire et sur notre dynamisme.
Capter et comprendre les besoins de nos collaborateurs pour relever les défis d’aujourd’hui est une réalité. Conseiller et apporter un service sur-mesure à nos partenaires pour leur réussite est notre ambition.
Regroupant plus de 200 collaborateurs, présent dans plus d’une quarantaine de pays, LUMEN est aujourd’hui un acteur incontournable des grands projets.


MagiCAD Group se spécialise dans les logiciels et les services pour l’industrie de la construction. Notre célèbre logiciel de modélisation des informations de la construction (BIM), MagiCAD, donne accès à de puissantes fonctions de conception mécanique, électrique et de plomberie (MEP) ainsi qu’à des calculs techniques intégrés pour Revit et AutoCAD. Il est utilisé par des milliers d’entreprises dans plus de 80 pays du monde entier. Notre bibliothèque BIM en ligne permet d’accéder à plus de 1 000 000 d’objets BIM vérifiés par les fabricants, en provenance de 290 fabricants de renommée internationale. Chaque objet BIM intègre des dimensions précises et des données techniques complètes de produits de fabricants réels.

Avec plus de 35 ans d’expérience en MEP, notre équipe de professionnels passionnés des logiciels continue à fournir à nos clients des solutions intelligentes qui rendent l’ingénierie et la conception du quotidien plus faciles, plus rapides et plus rentables.



First Autodesk partner in Europe, Man and Machine was founded in 1984 and counts today more than 810 employees working in 55 locations around the world. The group is specialized in the development and the commercialization of software solutions dedicated to the Manufacturing Industry, Architecture, Construction and Civil Engineering.

As a real value-added skills center, the Group capitalizes on its historical know-how in the manufacturing industry and develops a whole range of business solutions and partnerships to ease the deployment of BIM processes within your organizations.

With specialists confronted to the field realities, our technical team can provide you with the highest level of expertise and assistance for your BIM projects:

- Audit & Consulting

- BIM Management Services

- Staff delegation

- « BIM Ready » trainings

- Management of collaborative platforms

- Software and hardware solutions

For more information, visit our website www.manandmachine.fr


Mezzoteam, a BIM collaborative platform, enables thousands of construction stakeholders throughout the world to have a Common Data Environment (CDE) to manage their models, documents and approval processes in complete safety. 

Used from the design phase through to the operation phase, the solution is available in Cloud mode or by Intranet depending on the requirements of the project.

Prosys has developed the Mezzoteam add-on for Revit to improve the teams’ productivity and the quality of information produced.

The Mezzoteam add-on for Revit can be used to:
• automate the publication of 2D deliverables (sheets and views) in the project’s collaborative workspace
• automate the periodic archiving of models
• reference the deliverables in the model
• manage BIM coordination of the project

Mezzoteam also has model viewer tools (viewer, clipping planes and measures, etc.) and BIM project review features. 

Mezzoteam is a Prosys solution, BIM Influencer 2019. 

More about Mezzoteam BIM
Discover the BIM Project Review
See Prosys website



Une solution materiel et logiciel complétement intègre du LiDAR embarqué sur drone! 

Depuis plus de 10 ans, Microdrones est un acteur essentiel du marché et a notamment développé le premier quadricoptère commercial au monde. Fondée en 2005 en Siegen, Allemagne, nous avons aujourd’hui plusieurs bureaux à l’international et à Toulouse ici en France. 

Les Arpenteurs-Géomètres voient leurs projets d’arpentage et de cartographie simplifiés et sécurisés grâce aux systèmes Microdrones. Entièrement intégrés (Charge utile et drone), les drones vous permettent de planifier, de voler, de traiter puis de visualiser, de recueillir rapidement les données de terrain pour les transformer en modèles 3D, orthomosaïques et cartes topographiques efficaces.

Aujourd'hui, avec plus de 260 employés et un réseau de vente, d’assistance et de distribution couvrant six continents, Microdrones ne cesse de dominer le secteur des drones commerciaux avec des solutions entièrement intégrées.


We create the digital twin of your building. From its captation to its exploitation. 

By combining the most suitable scanning technologies for each kind of project, we generate different types of data :

- A set of heterogeneous 3D data, manually post-treated and delivered as a point cloud.

- Panoramic pictures georeferenced within the point cloud, taken by our scanner during the digitization operation.

- A 2D floor plans representing the building footprint, generated semi-automatically from the 3D data.


The exploitation of the data allow us to deliver two types of digital twins. One as a CAD format (3D modelization made using the point cloud dataset), the other one as a "Google Street View" format (assembling all the panoramic pictures) available on our secure web platform.

You can make the most of your digital twins directly in our web platform by virtually navigating in your buildings, taking measures and adding points of interest. These digital twins can be integrated to your CMMS, BMS, ERP or BIM software or with your IoT solutions.

Finally, the captured data also allow us to develop an image-based indoor localisation and guiding app, which doesn't require any structure to deploy.


NEXT-BIM Explorer : Solution 3D de revue de projets immersive et collaborative pour le BIM

Fruit d’une technologie unique et innovante, l’application logicielle présentée par NEXT-BIM révolutionne la Conception, la Construction et le Facility Management.

Fonctionnant sur les casques de réalité mixte Microsoft HoloLens, NEXT-BIM Explorer permet à plusieurs utilisateurs de s’immerger simultanément dans une maquette BIM complexe au format IFC ou REVIT, pour effectuer des revues de projets en salle de réunion ou sur chantier.

Utilisable dès la phase de conception, grâce à l’immersion dans le projet en grandeur réelle, NEXT-BIM Explorer en facilite la compréhension pour l’ensemble des acteurs, permettant d’analyser des situations complexes peu ou pas visibles à l’écran d’un ordinateur et de détecter en amont des éventuelles erreurs de conception.

Pendant la phase de construction, NEXT-BIM Explorer permet de superposer automatiquement en réalité augmentée  la maquette BIM sur l’environnement réel, pour effectuer des opérations de contrôle en immersion. La technologie développée par NEXT-BIM pour effectuer cette opération ne nécessite pas de disposer préalablement des dispositifs de repérage ( marqueurs ) sur le chantier, ce qui est un avantage très important.

Enfin, NEXT-BIM Explorer peut être utilisé efficacement pour des opérations de Facility Management, car il permet à l’utilisateur équipé d’un casque HoloLens de s’immerger à l’échelle 1 dans la maquette BIM superposée sur le bâtiment réel. Il peut alors, par exemple, visualiser des informations associées à certains équipements, visualiser des réseaux masqués en regardant ‘ à travers les plafonds ‘, …


Openergy is a start-up whose ambition is to accelerate and massify building energy transition by developing tools based on big data and simulation.

We have developed Oplus, the first building energy simulation cloud platform, that makes the best of collaborative and agile management by streamlining building design, modeling and monitoring.

The modeling workflow is highly optimized thanks to an innovative templating system, a multi-building approach and the intensive use of cloud computing resources. Building engineering and modeling becomes much quicker, more collaborative and connected to the real world.


Many companies around the world deploy Oracle Construction and Engineering solutions to provide visibility and control, connected supply chain and data security needed to improve the performance and mitigate risks across their processes and project management. Our scalable cloud solutions accelerate our customers' digital transition by improving efficiency, collaboration and change management throughout the project lifecycle. www.oracle.com/construction-and-engineering.


overthemoon helps companies accelerate the success of their major transformation projects.

With a Real Estate / Construction business unit, overthemoon specialises in supporting players in the real estate value chain, particularly in the changes brought about by the growth of BIM.

Rethink the impact of BIM, assess the changes in your business and those of your suppliers, partners and customers and launch today the profound transformations that will enable you to deliver ever more value to your customers in the future.


Placo® is the French leader in interior comfort, committed to the development of solutions that meet the challenges of sustainable housing.

Since its creation in 1946, the company has established itself as the reference partner for the building industry, thanks to the quality of its plaster-based products. Placo® constantly adapts its offer, techniques and services to the new uses and constraints of its users. From the plasterboard that has made its success to Habito® technology, which resists everyday shocks and facilitates the fixing of all types of loads, its solutions meet the requirements of individuals and professionals: comfort and health of occupants, ease of use and respect for the environment. 


Plaine Images is a hub dedicated to creative industries (Game – Audiovisual – AR/VR...), gathering 125 companies, 2 research centers and 3 schools. Daily, 1 800 employees, researchers, students and coworkers works and lives in an ancient textile factory, located in the heart of a metropolis of 1.2 million inhabitants.

Plaine Images is on BIM WORLD with 5 of its companies, to present rare expertise in 3D Imagery, 3D Scan, hologram, virtual reality, 360 virtual tours, spatialized audio, etc. Some specific savoir-faire used in BIM-friendly contexts by 3DO reality Capture, Archipratique, Aspic Technologies, Decod and Holusion.

To know more: www.plaine-images.fr / ltricart@plaine-images.fr / +33 (0)6 47 83 80 45


Pointscene (https://pointscene.com) is a map-based cloud solution for improving situational awareness and worksite progress monitoring in heavy civil construction projects. With better situational awareness you’ll improve worksite productivity and avoid costly rework. Take your project status and as-built information to the next level by connecting worksite reality data with your favorite CAD and BIM tools, such as AutoCAD, Novapoint, Infrakit or Trimble Connect.


REFSA Intégrateur de solution BIM

Véritable centre de développement de la collaboration dans un projet BIM

Notre service BIMinside

Testez votre plateforme graphique virtuelle, hébergeant vos outils logiciels et vos projets BIM, fonctionnant sur Citrix ou HyperV. Vos collaborateurs et co-traitants travailleront avec leurs applications, workflow et projets de conception, le tout dans notre Cloud Privé basé en France.

Nos parcours de formations certifiant

Premier centre de formation et de certifications sur les métiers de l’ingénierie BIM en France, venez découvrir nos 54 parcours de formations reconnus et labellisés par les branches professionnelles, de l’architecture à l’économie de la construction en passant par la structure et l’ingénierie fluide.

Nos accélérateurs de productivité :

MepManager V2.0 : contrôlez la conception de vos réseaux fluides avec notre outils de détection d’interférences et de génération de casse automatique pour Revit. Générez et contrôlez automatiquement vos demandes de réservations dans une maquette liée structure à partir de vos fichiers fluides.

Crane Manager for Revit : OPC Optimisez le placement de vos grues dans un projet BIM Revit complexe.



Resolving, founded in 2003, focuses in designing, developing and promoting digital information management solutions, audit and project management for construction and real-estate industries.

2D, BIM, and DMS mobile collaborative platform by Resolving allows users to control their projects from a one centralised digital base. Resolving is the solution to optimise project management and reduce risk through reliable information exchange and continuous analysis of project progress.

Its technologies cover all phases of the life cycle of an asset: Sales, Design, Construction, Delivery, Commissioning, Exploitation, Maintenance and Dismantling.

More information : resolving.com


Revizto, developed by Vizerra SA, a Lauzanne, Switzerland based technology company, is a powerful, real-time issue-tracking BIM collaboration tool for the AEC industry. Bringing together teams and workflows into one integrated platform, Revizto ensures a single vision for the project and facilitates BIM coordination process among all project members communicating accountability properly and addressing challenges in real time.


Stand J20 - BIM village for all

Highlight for our BIM World 2020 edition: Rhinoforyou will present Rhino.Inside the revolutionary interoperability technology from McNeel, the publisher of Rhino.

This free technological brick has been developed continuously since early 2019 and is integrated into Rhino.

It allows, as its name suggests, to integrate ALL the Rhino / Grasshopper environment inside other software dedicated to Architecture, Engineering and Construction or others.
This amounts to saying that it is no longer necessary to generate file formats to switch from one software to another : the software tools just need to be open on the same computer.

Nothing has been done better to facilitate the workflow between software, so Rhino.Inside.Revit allows to have Rhino / Grasshopper fully accessible inside the Autodesk Revit® working environment: the best of the 2 The worlds of Design software and Documentation are finally brought together in a reliable, simultaneous and consistent manner.

Say goodbye to frustrations and other wasted time with interoperability issues !

Rhinoforyou will also present RhinoArchitecture, the most flexible and affordable BIM solution, based on the popular Rhino 3D / 2D software, Grasshopper (parametric design) & VisualARQ (Rhino BIM plugin).

Easy to learn, this solution is available in permanent license mode exclusively (no subscription) and was winner of the PTNB 2016, “Building envelope” category.

RhinoArchitecture is the first solution to see the convergence of design, parametric design and BIM.

Finally, the subject of IFCs is not left out with us, thanks to the famous connector from our partner GeometryGYM and to the expertise that we have developed over the years.

Rhinoforyou is a McNeel reseller, CAD expert training center, ADN development center (Autodesk Developer Network) as well as a BuildingSmart - MediaConstruct associate member.

We develop specific applications under Web, Rhino, Revit environment as well as stand-alone applications such as configurators and intelligent object generators that can embed IFCs

and offer a service for carrying out parametric technical studies.

rhinoforyou.com & rhino-developpement.com/


RICOH is empowering digital workplaces using innovative technologies and services enabling individuals to work smarter. For more than 80 years, RICOH has been driving innovation and is a leading provider of document management solutions, IT services, commercial and industrial printing, digital cameras, and industrial systems. In September 2013, RICOH announced the first mass-produced imaging device that encapsulates fully spherical scenes, the RICOH THETA and thereby becoming a pioneer in the manufacturing of 360° imaging devices.


Created in France in 2012, the Smart Buildings Alliance for Smart Cities (SBA) supports the entire construction sector to quickly respond to the necessary changes due to the digital transformation impacting Smart Homes, Smart Buildings and Smart Cities.

SBA offers a global vision based on shared infrastructures for the promotion of new services, focusing on usage, that generate efficiency and better social inclusion.

The SBA is at the origin of the Ready2Services and BIM4Value frameworks. It has 480 members


www.smartbuildingsalliance.com – Linkedin : SBA Smart Buildings Alliance for Smart Cities – Twitter : SBA_France



Founded in 1974, SCIA has become one of the world’s leading developers of structural design and analysis software that supports the Open BIM process. SCIA is a wholly owned subsidiary of the globally operating Nemetschek Group, a leading global software provider for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction market (AEC). SCIA’s core purpose is to help users to create their best structural designs. To do so, the company provides powerful, cutting-edge software through a continual process of improvement, innovation and customer input.

SCIA Engineer is an integrated, multi-material structural analysis and design software for all kinds of structures. Its wide range of functionality makes it the ideal partner for the design of office buildings, industrial plants, bridges or any other project, all within the same easy-to-use environment. The software is powered by SCIA’s dedicated and passionate team of structural engineering devotees. SCIA Engineer supports Open BIM and is IFC certified for import and export. To learn more about SCIA, visit www.scia.net.


Setec est une ingénierie experte, créatrice de solutions durables et innovantes pour faire face aux grandes transitions. 

Le groupe setec est né en 1957 à Paris, de la passion pour l’ingénierie de ses fondateurs : Henri Grimond et Guy Saias. A partir des années 1960, il s’est développé en différentes filiales et à l’international, essentiellement par croissance interne.

Groupe indépendant d’ingénierie pluridisciplinaire, membre de Syntec-Ingénierie, setec est détenu à 100 % par ses ingénieurs. Présents notamment sur les plus grands projets actuels de construction, sur quatre continents, les ingénieurs du groupe œuvrent au service de la qualité de vie partout dans le monde.Notre histoire s’est écrite au fil des grands ouvrages ayant marqué ces dernières décennies, en France et dans le monde.


SierraSoft develops and markets BIM software and related services for land surveying, infrastructure design and construction.

Our products are distributed in many countries and include the main international standards.
Thanks to the BIM Solutions SierraSoft Roads and SierraSoft Land, the user will be projected into the future of the design.


At Sitemark, we’re revolutionizing the way enterprises access aerial information. Sitemark’s comprehensive set of technology, based both on drones and machine learning, enables enterprises to gather and analyze aerial information, all within an enterprise workflow. As a leading global provider of aerial business intelligence, Sitemark is transforming the way organizations capture and analyze data. Our products and services enable our customers to make better decisions, improve the understanding of their operations, and increase the efficiency of their assets. Sitemark was founded in 2016 and is based in Leuven, Belgium. We are active in +30 countries within the solar, construction, agriculture and mining industry.


SIXENSE est une société internationale aux expertises techniques et digitales, partenaire de l'industrie et de la construction. Ses domaines de compétences s'appuient sur la connaissance du sol, de l'environnement et des structures. 
SIXENSE propose des services et des solutions digitales et concentre tous ses savoir-faire dans une plateforme digitale ouverte pour aider ses clients à gérer leurs opérations et leurs actifs. Avec des références majeures dans l’industrie et la construction, SIXENSE permet à ses clients de comprendre, d’analyser, de prévoir et d’optimiser leurs projets complexes tout au long de leur mise en œuvre.

Retrouvez-nous sur le stand H68.

Plus d’informations : sixense-group.com


So.build est une société d’experts dans les nouvelles technologies des métiers du BTP (Bâtiment, infrastructure & VRD).

Concepteur & éditeur de logiciels BIM pour le BTP

Méthode+ est un logiciel spécialement conçu et développé pour les ingénieurs méthodes, ingénieurs étude de prix et techniciens de la construction. Méthode+ et son module PIC permet de concevoir directement le plan d’installation de chantier en maquette numérique BIM dans le logiciel Revit® d'Autodesk®.

Accompagner les transformations de l'entreprise

Dans le cadre de la Transition Numérique So.build accompagne les bureaux d’études, cabinets de géomètres, entreprises de travaux publics et entreprises de bâtiment qui souhaitent intégrer les pratiques du BIM (Bâtiment, Infrastructure & VRD.

So.build est présent aux côtés des dirigeants, dans l’anticipation, l’accompagnement et le pilotage de ces changements propose les services suivants :

Edition logiciels :

  • Logiciel Méthode+ pour réaliser la méthode de chantier dans Revit.

  • Logiciel Smart.menu (menus contextuels dans Revit).

  • Logiciel Twinmotion (logiciel de réalité virtuelle).

Formation logiciel métiers & Processus BIM (Maquette Numérique) :

  • Formation généraliste BIM Infra & VRD.

  • Formation logiciels infrastructure (Mensura Genius) et viewer BIM (Tekla BimSight).

  • Formation logiciel BIM Génie civil (Revit, Méthode+).

  • Formation logiciel de réalité virtuelle (Twinmotion).

  • Assistance à projet BIM et DOE numérique.


Contact : Yvan Personnic (Tél : 07 87 79 17 28)

5 Rue André Malraux

35760 Saint Grégoire



Software editor

Software editor in architecture, engineering and construction industry since 1980 and firmly anchored in the digital era, SOC INFORMATIQUE boasts national (presence in Strasbourg, Grenoble, Paris and Nantes) but also international coverage (Canada, Africa, Switzerland, Belgium).

At SOC INFORMATIQUE, the objective is to optimize and make reliable our products in order to offer operational, efficient and customer-oriented solutions.

Three complementary softwares define the companys’ offer:

DeviSOC : Quantity takeoff software for linears and volumetrics, from quantity estimation to customized report has been launched in 1983. From the preliminary draft to the reception of the building site, all the phases are treated.

BIM C : Plugin that connect CAD software tools with DeviSOC and retrieve 3D digital model informations.

JustBIM : An easy-to-use and powerful software dedicated to openBIM. Support of standards like IFC, BCF or standards classifications (Uniclass, Uniformat...) give a wide range of BIM services. With JustBIM you can easily quantify the cost of a building project starting from an IFC file format.

More about SOC Informatique : www.socinformatique.fr


SpinalCom shapes the future of smart building. As the leader in data management software for the built environment, SpinalCom makes it possible for all built environments to become future proof for the decades to come. Especially in these complicated times as we go through the Covid-19 crisis and global warming, we have to learn to adapt to new situations rapidly…

The product line includes:

- the BOS (Building Operating System) SpinalCore : new generation Data Management Platform based on the dynamic digital twin revolution

- the SpinalTwin Suite: suite of applications for the use of BIM in operation


Founded in 2007 in Lille, Stereograph is specialized in 3D visualization. The company has more than 10 years of experience with architects, real estate developers and building managers.

For more than 10 years, Stereograph has developed a unique BIM expertise creating the first solution in the world able to share 3D models and data from design to operations : Teia.

It meets the needs of all building field players : Building managers (asset managers, property managers, facility managers…), architects, consulting engineers, developers, builders…

Teia allows :

  • 3D file visualization (BIM for example) ;

  • Real time display of dynamic data from different Information Systems (CMMS, Building management system, data aggregation platforms, etc.);

  • Access to technical documentation from the BIM model;

  • Geo-tracking of the whole property assets, easily accessible on the web;

  • Information search in the digital model;

  • Availability of BIM models for future changes;

  • Interfaces creation adapted to users' profiles;

  • Setting up control interfaces allowing the data visualization and understanding.

Stereograph now sells this platform to major international players in the secondary and tertiary sectors, and is recognized as an innovative leader and an expert in its field.


StratArchi est une société de conseil en management orienté BIM.

StratArchi accompagne les acteurs du monde du bâtiment vers l’adoption, l’implémentation et la consolidation du BIM.

L’expertise BIM de StratArchi, enrichi par 25 ans d’expérience dans le milieu du bâtiment, apporte des solutions pérennes, pertinentes et adaptées aux besoins des clients.

StraArchi, acteur indépendant de tout éditeur de logiciels, pilote avec neutralité la sélection de produits ou offres BIM pour ses clients

Le savoir-faire de StratArchi :


  • Organisation de l’entreprise et du réseau de partenaires

  • Détermination des besoins


  • Choix de solutions logiciel

  • Rédaction de chartes de production et bonnes pratiques


  • Suivi de projets pilote en BIM

  • Montée en compétences des équipes

  • Négociation avec les acteurs du BIM

Assistance – Management – intervention – Production - Prestations

  • Management du BIM

  • Rédaction des documents BIM

  • Contrôle de maquettes numériques BIM




A major player for 20 years in the critical communications market, STREAMWIDE has successfully developed its Team on mission (mission critical) and Team on the run (business critical) software solutions for administrations and businesses. These solutions for smartphones and PCs, offered in a SaaS model or on Premise, benefit from numerous functionalities such as the multimedia group discussions, VoIP, push-to-talk (MCPTT and MCx new generation 4G / 5G LTE), geolocation, digitization and automation of business processes. These innovative solutions meet the growing needs for digital transformation and real-time coordination of interventions. They allow field teams to transform individual contributions into collective successes and to act as one man in the most demanding professional environments.

Based in France and present in Europe, USA, Asia and Africa, STREAMWIDE is listed on Euronext Growth (Paris) - FR0010528059.


By emphasising the value of your projects’ data, SYSTRA improves the sustainability of your assets!

As a global company with 7,000 employees worldwide, SYSTRA is the signature team for transportation solutions.

We are leading BIM for the infrastructure industry. You benefit from lessons learnt about BIM requirements, from projects on every continent and in the most prominent countries. BIM transformation speeds up the performance of your projects and opens asset management business opportunities.

Based on collaboration, BIM breaks down bunker mentalities and integrates the entire project into a holistic, integrated, model-based approach, from inception through to maintenance. BIM promotes anticipation and reliability, while diminishing costs and timelines.

Our solutions ensure digital continuity over the lifecycle of your asset and combine BIM, SIG and global data management. As partners of MINDnD 4 Rail and Building Smart International Active, we are contributing to international standardisation groups.

To find out more, visit www.systra.com



25 years of innovation for all. Tactis is the leading French consulting firm for digital spatial planning. Since 1995, Tactis has been leading projects to ensure that innovation is at the service of all with common sense and humanity. Our firm supports public and private actors to deploy digital infrastructures (FttH / FTTx broadband access, 4G, 5G, WIFI, fiber optic backbones, submarine cables, space communications, Datacenters, professional radios, indoor networks, sensor networks, DTT, etc.) and the development of "smart territories" (digital inclusion, citizen participation, ecosystem innovation, connected objects, data management, smart mobility, smart grid, security).


Fournisseur de la solution Orbit GT : Redémarrez votre ADN en 3D

     - Gestion, Extraction et partage de toutes vos données mobile mapping, drône, scanner statique

     - BIM, SIG, CIM, PCRS,




TeamSystem Group is one of the European leaders in management / ERP software and training services company.

We provide solutions for enterprises, architects, engineers, craftspeople, accountants and property managers

With over thirty years of experience in the Management Software market, TeamSystem is a constantly growing group.


For more than 15 years, think project! has delivered a readily available and shapeable common data environment (CDE) for construction and engineering projects.

think project! meets the emerging need for digital construction solutions that facilitate cross-enterprise collaboration and overall information management. Our offer also includes process management solutions for building information modelling (BIM) and interfaces to general business applications such as ERP.

think project! addresses today’s digitalization challenges in construction and engineering by providing state-of-the-art software solutions as well as industry expert consulting and services.

think project! – your partner for digital transformation


TimeTonic is an innovative Saas visual management solution as flexible as a spreadsheet that allows professionals to create desktop and mobile applications in minutes.

Already selected by Engie, Capgemini and more than 140 large and small companies, to manage projects (PM), sales (CRM), mobile field services (FSM), contracts...

Thank you for visiting us



Construction stakeholders care about having buildings done on time with minimized overruns or mistakes. The Trimble Constructible process integrates the complete building lifecycle to manage construction activities and team collaboration and improve overall productivity.

●Arkance Systems, exclusive distributor for infrastructure construction, supports you in the digitalization of your sites and the implementation of BIM collaborative tools.

●Trimble MEP solutions meet the requirements of design and construction projects; simplify collaboration and use the BIM model in the office and on the job site.

●Trimble Structures / Tekla offers advanced BIM and structural engineering software solutions giving the industry tools to transform planning, design, construction and operation of buildings.



TT Géomètres Experts est une société coopérative de Géomètres Experts & Bureau d’études techniques et Infrastructures, inscrite à l’Ordre des Géomètres Experts, membre de la Fédération des SCOP & SCOP BTP. 

Sa valeur ajoutée provient de ses équipes d'experts pluridisciplinaires. Depuis les problématiques foncières & topographiques, elles sont capables d'intervenir sur des métiers tels que l'expertise, les plans, les TP, les chantiers complexes & bien sûr les problématiques 3D & numériques. 

Maîtrisant parfaitement les enjeux & l'environnement BIM via son pôle Innovation, TT Géomètres Experts façonne le géomètre expert 4.0 en répondant à diverses ambitions :

Proposer des solutions adaptées à la documentation des environnements urbains ou ruraux

Anticiper les problématiques de demain et se placer à l’avant-garde de la filière métier de la géomatique

Faciliter les décisions stratégiques des collectivités.

A travers ses 14 agences réparties sur le territoire national, elle emploie près de 200 salariés dont 17 géomètres-experts.

Retrouvez-nous Hall 6 Stand D41 |  ttge.fr



We are a consulting agency in innovation through uses and design. We practice UX/UI design, design thinking, service design, in the service of an ever more innovative customer/user experience.


Valuein supports the enterprise digital transformation in the Subscription Economy. Valuein has developed Z-Keys, a SaaS-based platform that speeds up and facilitates the time to market. Z-Keys perfectly adapts to the brand’s graphic design and vision and integrates with the existing tools. Valuein offers not only offers this solution but specializes in consulting.

Valuein relies on its partner GoCardless, who is a global leader in recurring payments. GoCardless' global payments network and technology platform takes the pain out of getting paid for more than 50,000 businesses worldwide, from multinational corporations to SMBs. Each year GoCardless processes US$13bn of payments across more than 30 countries. With more than five offices around the world in France, the UK,  Australia, Germany, and the United States. For further information, please visit www.gocardless.com and follow us on Twitter @GoCardless and www.valuein.fr.


We connect services to buildings data

VayanData builds the Building Operating System Linksper to contextualize and mutualize data from field devices to third party applications. Connect buildings data to your services: meeting rooms booking, dashboards, analytics, Digital Twin, campus application…

Visit www.vayandata.com


Vectorworks has the flexibility to support your entire project from beginning to end, or anywhere in the process — from conceptual design, to fully coordinated BIM models, to construction documents. It’s the versatile solution you need to pull everything together and increase your efficiency. 

Explore the possibilities of BIM and beyond while benefiting from the freedom to design in 2D or 3D with a‭ suite of intuitive, flexible tools that encourage you to create and explore any form.‬‬

Why BIM? Architectural design is not one-size-fits-all, so BIM workflows shouldn’t be, either. That’s why Vectorworks Architect, one of the industry’s top BIM software programs, is built around an architect’s design process. The design-oriented BIM focus of Architect allows you to conceptualize and edit your project, while generating drawings and schedule in real time. This added benefit lets you refine construction details without compromising your creative process or scope of work.


About VINCI Energies

In a world undergoing constant change, VINCI Energies focuses on connections, performance, energy efficiency and data to fast-track the rollout of new technologies and support two major changes: the digital transformation and the energy transition. With their strong regional roots, agile and innovative, VINCI Energies’ business units boost the reliability, safety and efficiency of energy, transport and communication infrastructure, factories, buildings and information systems.

2018: €12.6 billion revenue // 77,500 employees // 1,800 business units // 53 countries



Accelerate innovation and transformation of the construction ecosystem

The challenges of digital, societal and environmental transformation throughout the building's life cycle require the digital continuum to unite and animate all players of the real estate and construction value chain.

Visiativ is positioned as the partner that accelerates innovation and transformation of the construction ecosystem. Combined with a methodological approach, the implementation of Dassault Systèmes experiences and Moovapps solutions makes it possible to manage and enhance the building digital twin for the industrialization of its construction and operation.

The benefits are therefore multiple:

  • Simulation and exploration of alternative scenarios using generative design
  • Defining needs at the beginning of projects thanks to collaborative platforms
  • Optimization of resources throughout the building's life cycle thanks to planning and anticipation.

To discover on www.visiativ.com


Solutions 3D à prix accessibles pour les professionnels de l’aménagement, l'immobilier et l'architecture. Composée d'architectes, infographistes et animateurs 3D, notre équipe élabore de 2006 des supports de communication 3D pour la promotion de projets immobiliers à leurs différents stades : concours et esquisses, communication et concertation publique, commercialisation, travaux... Nous avons développé un processus de conception/production 3D pemettant d'intervenir dans des délais courts et intégrons tous types de données (CAO/DAO/BIM). Types de projets : projets urbains, logements individuels et collectifs, équipements publics et privés, bureaux, commerces, aménagements... Références clients : Grand Paris, Bouygues, Vinci, Icade, Franco Suisse, Citallios... Venez nous rencontrer et découvrir nos films et maquettes 3D, perspectives et plans 3D.

Plus d'infos sur volumenscene.com

3D solutions at affordable prices for planning, real estate and architecture professionals. Composed of architects, graphic designers and 3D animators, from 2006 our team developed 3D communication supports for the promotion of real estate projects at their different stages : competitions ans sketches, communication and public consultation, marketing, works... We have developed a 3D design/production process allowing to intervene within short deadlines and integrate all types of data (CAD/BIM). Types of projects : urban projects, individual and collective housing, public and private equipment, offices, shops, planning... Customer references : Grand Paris, Bouygues, Vinci, Icade, Citallios... Come and meet us and discover our 3D films and models, 3D perspectives ansd plans.

More informations on : volumenscene.com

Linkedin : volumenscene

Youtube : volumenscene


Welearn a pour mission la promotion des bonnes pratiques dans le secteur BTP & Immobilier par l’apprentissage, la vulgarisation et le conseil. Avec l’aide de nos partenaires, nous visons les objectifs suivants : - Former les acteurs du secteur à grande échelle (e-learning, présentiel ou blended) - Sensibiliser sur des sujets d'importance pour le secteur, à travers des vidéos de vulgarisation - Créer des occasions de rencontre pour échanger autour des questions de préoccupations partagées Welearn est une équipe dotée d’une longue expérience pédagogique et digitale, qui s’inscrit dans un réseau diversifié ancré dans tous les métiers du BTP et de l’Immobilier.


Born few years ago in a Dijon laboratory specializing in artificial intelligence and precursor of BIM platforms more than fifteen years ago, Wittym has become a company in 2019 and will present

on the occasion of BIM World 2020 Paris its full new web platform, allowing to improve the use of all the data of the digital building model recorded in the cloud.

Any user (creator, consultant, modifier) of the digital building model will be able to import its digital buidling models in IFC format and its revisions in the Wittym cloud, share their access to all collaborators and partners.

Each user will be able to verify the digital models provided, enrich digital models without limits with easy imports, search for all types of information, extract data at will in IFC format or data tables. Our platform will allow you to visualize all the expertise and their interactions 3D/2D viewer incorporating powerful interaction features). 

Our ergonomic interface was built on the basis of exchanges and tests with more than fifty users (architects, construction economists, design office experts and BIM managers).

Wittym has integrated the collaborative component by developing the management of topics and comments that meet the BFC standard allowing each user's ecosystem to communicate.

Our mission is to facilitate the use of all data of digital models for any user profile with an attractive subscription price and  give to users endless possibilities of new services built from their  needs and  our pool of building experts.


Join us at BIM World Paris for this launch and participate in the first user experiences!


WIZZCAD supports construction players in their digital transformation in order to help them build quality projects, in complete safety, on time and on budget.

The SaaS BIM-Native WIZZCAD solution enables the digitalisation of business processes throughout the lifecycle of buildings, public works and industrial infrastructures through a unique collaborative platform. The goal: to manage the design, implementation and operation of construction projects in 2D or 3D and to respond to the new uses and challenges of Smart Building.

EDM, operations monitoring, BIM, operation & maintenance, refurbishment; the simplicity, agility and functional diversity of the WIZZCAD solution makes it possible to adapt to all phases of construction projects, to all sectors of activity and to all stakeholders.

Our references Vinci, Bouygues Construction, Cegelec, Colas, GTM Batiment, Eiffage, Engie Axima, SEGRO... on more than 10,000 projects in France and abroad.

More info on : www.wizzcad.com , Linkedin , Twitter


What if the objects around us could communicate with their environment or with us? And if they could give advice on their use, guarantee their origin, tell their journey and living conditions, record instructions for other actors in their ecosystem?

An object equipped with an electronic chip YESITIS (NFC chip or RFID tamperproof and secure, sensor) is readable with a simple smartphone and embeds its own digital content. YESITIS offers an all-in-one offer to give the product a unique digital identity and open the field of an "augmented object" through the consumption of the digital content it contains.

This unique identity is stored in the YESITIS chip affixed to the object. Thus equipped, the object can be authenticated, traced at any moment of its life cycle, followed in its integrity, it can also communicate and interact with its users.


Zebra (NASDAQ: ZBRA) offre un avantage technologique compétitif aux entreprises de tout secteur d'activité en assurant une performance optimale de leurs activités opérationnelles . Avec plus de 10 000 partenaires présents dans 100 pays, Zebra propose des solutions complètes et sur mesure pour connecter de façon intelligente les actifs des entreprises, leurs données et leurs collaborateurs et les aider dans leur prise de décisions. Ces solutions leaders sur le marché, transforment l’expérience d’achat, permettent de suivre et de gérer les stocks, et améliorent l’efficacité de la chaîne logistique, des opérations terrain et les soins du patient. En 2019, Zebra a été classé 166ème dans la liste des meilleurs employeurs par Forbes et a également rejoint l’indice S&P 500. Pour plus de renseignements, rendez-vous sur www.zebra.comou inscrivez-vous pour recevoir nosactualités. Participez à notre blog Your Edge et suivez-nous sur LinkedIn, Twitter et Facebook.