Leader in real estate diagnosis and BIM, AC ENVIRONNEMENT is positioned as an expert in the technical, economic and environmental data on existing buildings.

AC ENVIRONNEMENT carries out the mandatory real estate diagnostics in case of rent and sale as well as pre-construction and demolition diagnoses during depollution of a building or an industrial site (asbestos, lead, etc.).

AC Environnement has chosen to dedicate its BIM solution to existing buildings and properties: it realizes cloud points and digital mock-up then it provides its clients an individual and give access to its clients CN BIM, a new digital and open platform, dedicated to data visualization and to routine and preventative maintenance, in complete autonomy and openBIM.

AC Environment, created in 2002 in Roanne (Lyon area) is a 670 people company, with 30 agencies and 3 abestos analysis labs in France.