ACCA software is a leader in the building software industry and focuses exclusively on this field. Thanks to its sector mission, it succeeds in responding effectively  to the needs of public administrations, technical and design studios, construction companies and professionals.

ACCA develops BIM Authoring and BIM Tools software and platforms for the complete BIM management process  through all the design-build-manage life cycle phases with the largest number  of “open BIM” software IFC certified by buildingSMART®.

Its wide range of software covers the following sectors: architecture, structural calculation, BoQ’s and contract management, renewable energy, energy diagnostics, installations, health & safety and maintenance.

ACCA, founded in 1989, first was appreciated in Italy and then in Europe and on the international market with hundreds of thousands of customers on almost one hundred software programs that stand out for their usability, reliability and ease of use. These strengths encourage distribution among schools, universities, public authorities, and  SMEs.