One of the biggest advantages of managing issues in BIMcollab Cloud is that all team members have direct access to the current status of your project. Simply log in and all issue data is readily available as issue and activity lists as well as in various forms of graphs.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to give each and every stakeholder access to the BIMcollab space. Some project teams may have (legal) requirements to provide periodic status reports. For this, BIMcollab provides a number of different options to create basic reports in either PDF or Excel file formats.

But users would not be users if they did not all have their own requirements as to the contents of the reports, as well as to their layout. Developing software for such customized reports would be a herculean effort and we could go so far to say that it could be a product all of its own.

In fact it is. And that product is Microsoft Power BI.

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